Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Finally, the Finale

Well my dears, Project Runway is back for another season-starting tomorrow.

I did not post my thoughts on the finale for Season 7. I didn't even watch the finale right away. I knew, I just knew Seth Aaron was going to win it. He had an even, strong viewpoint for the whole season and was the nicest guy to boot. I wasn't worried about my favorite designer of the season (wellll maybe a little bit).

Not much drama leading up to the show. The Tim Gunn visits were cute as always. Emilio didn't listen to Tim at all, in fact he argued with him, and after seeing Emilio's show, he would have done well to listen! It's no
surprise that Mila matches her black and white home decor, down to her black and white Dalmatian. How cute was it to see her goth days photo though? Seth Aaron got excited and made a ton of outfits, and Tim's advice is, he needs to try harder. Re-do the collection! Wow. Strong advice, but Seth is smart and he does take Tim's advice seriously. Tim gets his moment on the trampoline with the family, who are the cutest gosh darn family besides.

Let's skip all the in-betweens and get right to the collections!

Emilio's collection:
Tim was right, his collection is matronly, and why did he choose this color scheme? The looks are made well, they're not over-done for the most part and they are looks that many women would wear. There is nothing particularly special or new about these looks and he went too much with 3 of the colors, one of which is a split pea soup color and then his Emilio Sosa print which I never decoded during the print challenge they had.Emilio's first look shows his color scheme and his print:Yeah, exactly. Love to see the coat, but that color leaves a bad taste in my mouth. The dress design doesn't look flattering on the bottom and the overall feel is just too much together.

This look shows the blue he used and the simple, clean look he was going for. This model walked the hell out of this look, so it looked bold coming down the runway, but as you can see, it's a basic blue dress on an attractive woman. This look was pretty random, and again, basic.
Here was his show-stopping piece, which I guess he was setting up with his random metallic look above(?) The judges liked this gown. Emilio did really well during the season but he just didn't use all his talent during this runway show and I was pretty confident he wasn't going to win. Perhaps he was edited to look like the jerk, but you don't mess with Mr. Gunn!

Mila's collection:

I was pleasantly surprised by Mila's collection. Yes, we all knew it was going to be black and white. That's ok, that's her color palette and it's very Mila. I loved the progression of her collection coming out and her last look was hot. It was very Mila, but a more current style of her. I was a little worried when I saw her collection, but I still knew it was Seth Aaron's game to win.Here's her first look. Very Mila, in design and coloring-of course. I like the styling that she did for her collection, it was a little bit gritty and it really sold it for me for her looks.I loved this next look. Likin' the gloves and the dress. The leggings really make this look special.
This look was overall plain, but the back of the sweater was done really well. Overall, her looks were very simple and some of them were pretty forgettable.
Here's her final look, which closed off the show with a pop! I like the horizontal lining of the dress, which goes with the rest of her collection. This maybe would have been even better cut a little bit shorter? Nonetheless it's a strong look to close.

Seth Aaron's collection:

My favorite designer all season did not disappoint. Yes there was houndstooth, yes there was plaid, yes there was a leathery-y type of material. Perhaps not all of his looks were winners, but all of his looks made me stare. They were all very strong in some way. Although Mila had a strong showing, there was still no comparison to Seth Aaron's show.

The first look opened with this red look. Super hot, I would love to have this.This one looks simple at first glance, but after looking at it, I loved it more and more. The back is very striking. I really liked how you never knew what was coming out next during Seth Aaron's show. This looked so bright and intriguing when it came out. Was it a dress? A coat? Yellow plaid is not something I would normally think of, but one of my fave all time PR looks was Jeffrey's yellow plaid couture dress and now this look is embedded in my mind.Seth completed his look with a show-stopping piece. Static on the page this dress is a strange silhouette. It doesn't seem to go with the rest of the show. However, in motion this look I couldn't not stare at the whole way down the runway. What was going on? Such a dramatic look to end on.
Congrats to Seth Aaron! The nice guy did finish first this time, a well deserved win. One of my favorite designers in PR history!