Thursday, September 17, 2009


This week:

Designers talking smack about each other!
Heidi wearing pants!?!
Finally! The designers are using something besides fabric!!!

Nicolas whines that they have to use newspaper. Seriously? You got 4 challenges with fabric. Any other season would tell you that you got spoiled!! He has never sewn with a newspaper, designed with a a newspaper?

Is it just me, or was this one the "All About Nicolas" episode? Wow. It was so painted as him being the loser this time. When Heidi said "One of you, will be OUT" the camera panned right to him. Nicolas was our little bitch-tastic commentator this episode.

So, Johnny has issues. Hmm, the same Johnny that was crying in Episode 1? Weird....
Johnny makes a dress with origami birds. Tim tells Johnny that it looks like a craft project and birds are attacking it. Johnny scraps the whole thing and tells people there was a terrible iron accident. Johnny is doing a crossword puzzle? Whaaa?? Johnny get it together!

Onto the runway!

Yo, I'm really happy for you, Imma let you finish! But Jeffrey had the best newspaper Project Runway dress of all time!!

"That is not true......jackass......"

....uhhh that was weird.....

Guest judges are
Tommy Hilfiger
Zoe Glassner of Marie Clare magazine
Eva Longoria

Logan's Asian Persuasion dress

safe but wearable (which is a double-edged sword on this show)

Christopher's cannabais "hard and soft" dress
Sorry, but I thought it was just weird. I did like the top part, because it was different from the others

Ra'mon's cute 2 piece outfit, still a little stiff on the runway, but sweet looking here

Carol Hannah's forgettable number

Epperson goes all out and outdoes Logan's dress
I didn't see this one coming.

Gordana's dress was super cute and fun. I'm a little confused why the judges hated it so much? It fit well, she used the newspaper to make it fabric like, what's the problem? Her's is a case where I think she needs a new model. A darker skinned model would do her soft color designs justice. Her pale model always looked washed out and her styling is so plain. Maybe that's why the judges feel her designs are plain?

Leanne's, I mean, Shrin's origami dress

Althea's was fierce! She made them fit together to make a fabric-like print.

Lousie went kinda comic book character style, interesting. I feel where she was going after looking at it on here

Nicolas "I'm so fabulous!" did a stiff dress- he was going for punk, judges saw insect....oops...
The funny thing is, I thought they were going to go for it, the overall design looks almost Hilfigerish....

Irina does a newspaper trench. No color, and it looked simply made, but the judges ate that up. I thought the Sharpie detailing was cheap too, and they loved that as well.
Irina is the winner for this boring thing? I least Christopher's look had a feel that he spent a lot of time on it.

Johnny threw something together that didn't get ruined by the imaginary iron. Johnny thought Project Runway was harder than battling a meth addiction. Hmmm were the crosswords trickier? Well Johnny, not only did you get auf'd, but you done pissed off Tim Gunn with your lies! That's a no no, so for this we are not sad to see you go.
Here's his Flinstones hooker dress

(What was with Tim angrily adjusting his cuff links? He didn't give a hug, maybe he was preventing himself from doing angry snaps at Johnny all the way to the workroom? "Bitch, puhleeeze, don't blame me for your bird mess!")

I'm so happy they took the designers out of their element for a change. This is what it's about. Yes, there are time and budget restraints on all the challenges, but really we can tell they are a talented group, let's see what happened when we take their fabric away! There's the fun!

Quote of the night by our beloved Tim Gunn:
"What [the !@#$] was that incredulous and utterly preposterous spewing of fiction on the runway!?!?"

Episode 4: Eye-catching look

What a Woman Wants

This week's (9/10) challenge is....

To make an eye-catching look for the designers' models for an industry Party. A Party....that never.. happens....

I have been 2 weeks behind on these blogs, and I think I have project runway nostalgia depression. sigh. I do love a lot of the looks happening, and Tim has been fab as always and Heidi's still there. Nina is mostly there. Is it Michael I'm missing? Why is he never there? Could it be because after 4 episodes, they are still working with fabric? I don't know. All I can say for this week, is that I did enjoy the guest judges. heehee, more on that later.

The designers are super-excited to design for their model, which leads me to believe that they did not watch Season 1 when the designers made wedding gowns for their models. Remember the gown with died roses in it?

It’s no good to get kicked off because your model wants a blue and gold jumpsuit! Case in point, Shirin’s model who wanted just that. “But ummm, honey, don’t you think that’s a bit…much??? Why don’t I make you a boring blue dress instead?" Model: “umm ok!........look....shiny….”

Nonetheless they need to make a look that will have their model stand out in a good way and get noticed for jobs. Wait, isn’t that why they’re on this show to begin with? And don’t they have their own damn show now? Oh well.

Epperson’s model wants a look that is “flowy, strong, romantic, punk, cocktail, tiger”. And.. orange? Uh-oh.... good luck with that!

And the designer "listened too much to the model award" goes to Logan who designs a smurf goth gown -his words- I think that this look cannot be blamed entirely on the model. Like one of the guest judges commented, the model told him, 50’s, lace and feathers, it could have gone in an entirely different direction.

Not much drama in this episode, so we’ll get to the fashion already!!!

The judges loved Carol Hannah’s sexy business woman outfit more than I thought they would. I think they just wanted to keep saying “soft and hard” a lot. Something bothered me about this dress, I can't quite put my finger on it. Maybe the model's hair distracted me too much? I think the long skirt made her middle look too long or maybe it was the fabric? It looked well made, don't get me wrong.

Irina's "she looks like a lady" look

What do we think of Christopher’s celery look? Well, it is number one, NOT where you accentuate on a woman’s body, so let’s not even get into the terrible color and design.

Gordana’s look was cute and definitely shows the body. The color makes this light-skinned blond model look a tad washed out to me.

Johnny’s outfit got called every dirty fashion name in the book: Prom! Bridesmaid! Wearable!! Johnny dies of satin normalcy embarrassment!!!

Logan mixed Snow White with Marilyn Manson and got this boring cheap looking outfit.

Too bad, and I think he has one of the cutest models, normally.

PR fans seemed to really love Louise’s outfit and many thought it should have been the winner, although it did not make the top 3. Nonetheless, she’s a designer to look out for.

I’m not sure how I feel about Nicolas’ outfit. It’s very…..white, which is a good way to stand out. But is it really as fitted as he thinks?

Ra’mon. wtf? Who are you? He has a serious problem with style. Carrie Bradshaw 1999 called and she wants her look back girlfriend!!! They should have called him on this hideousness. Totally unnecessary to make this dress.

I’m surprised Shirin did this boring of a dress.

Although, now that I can see the photo up close, I see she did incorporate the gold with the royal blue that the model requested, but it's still pretty *yawn*

Epperson makes a stunning outfit that shows off the body and is just what the model asked for, sans orange. The guest judge comments how it is hard to do the overlay with stretchy fabrics. He is in the running for winning look but doesn’t get it, because of Heidi’s obsession with boobs, which I have mentioned before and it’s good that she can admit it. It cracks me up because if you look at a lot of high fashion shows, it seems as if they are never wearing bras and most models don’t need a bra to begin with, so I don’t quite get it.

The winning look is Althea’s 3 piece number which the model sold with her super-fierce walk that blinds the judges to the fact that her boobs are just as loose and flowy free as Epperson’s model is. Anyhoo, it is a cute look overall, so I"m ok with this win:

Qristyl deserves the high-heeled boot on this one. Boring, boring and more boring. And that’s what she’s given each challenge. I guess she figures her own outfits are so loud that she doesn’t want the clothes to overshadow! The part that seemed to trip her up was the gown being brown and/or black. You can still make a fierce dress with those colors!! The model didn't say make a boring one.

Qristyl's model, bless her heart. The judges asked if she liked her dress, and like a good model, she said yes. Wellllll guest judge lady is not having her safe look. "That's why Valerie is not a designer, right? Thank God!"

So, in the end, we say auf weidersehen to Crystal with a Q. Sorry, but you’re OUT.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Beach Challenge
Week 3 that aired 9/3/09

ooh ooh, what are they going to work with this week??? fabric. yawn.


Tim. Wearing. Flip Flops.
(and a blazer of course)

Team challenges are always awkward and painful, so we'll see how this goes. Design that *Gorgeous*, just off the beach look [minus sand]!

The team leaders (otherwise known as: screwed), are chosen at random, and it's sports team uncomfortableness as partners are chosen.

Some disturbing things the designers learn after caucusing with the California girls:
*They choose comfort over fashion. EWWWW!!!!!
*They wear.....Hoodies?

15 minutes and $50 for a team to shop is their first adventure. Dad, I mean Epperson, and Qristyl are doomed from the beginning. It's like when Daddy hit Mommy at the dinner table.....

Mitchell thinks that their team is in trouble....hmmm you mean the designers that brought us hot tranny pregnant mess and bowling ball last week are in Trouble? ya don't say....

The teams of two are working on their embres(?) of macrames and such when Tim interrupts with his infamous "Designers, gather round". Designers, for the millionth time we are making you do a 2nd challenge, just to fuck you over. Oh yeah, and it's gotta be avant-garde.

Nicolas and Gordana's macrame look

And their blue lace hooker avant-garde look:

Johnny and Irina's "brown is beachy, noh?" look:

And the avant-garde look:

(I didn't care for either of these looks. Their first look is young and fun, but I don't like the brown)

Christopher and Logan:

And their super-fabulous avant-garde look that rocked the house! Luvin it!

How fun is that? And check out the back:

I think I would have had them be the winners, because they stuck the closest to the ideas of the challenge along with the best looks for both categories. As Tim would say, carry on.....

Althea and Louise or, "shoulda made something more fun and fabulous, but played it safe"

And the "avant-garde" look:

Carol Hannah and Shirin made the most beachy-like outfit

and I guess they were going for waves on the 2nd look:

Epperson and Qristyl didn't get sent home, they somehow managed to pull 2 outfits together. This boring sundress

and this scary thing that Nina was disturbed by:

Let's see it on the way out

Although, can I say....this outfit, sewn well, with better fabric could have been kind of sailor-y? I think I can see where they were going, they just didn't make it there.

And here we go. A PR first. A look at the 2 outfits by Mitchell and Ra'mon

And the winning look that Ra'mon made up in a MacGyver moment with neoprene and dye

I'm not so sure what is avant-garde about this

But this is the look the judges liked and they have the end say. Upon questioning Mitchell and Ra'mon (and I'm sure nothing from the tapes) they discovered that Mitchell didn't do anything but prance around the workroom hoping for a miracle to appear.

Soooo....the First is, that the person that was not the leader, becomes the winner. And in the same team is the loser of the challenge. Ouch.

Mitchell "Epic Project Runway" Fail. Heidi was not messing around this week. 3 Strikes and you're awwooot!!

I'm not sad to see Mitchell go, it just seemed like a game to him. Oh dear, a naked model, oh dear tranny mess.. oh well! la dee daaaa.....

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

We Expect Fashion!

Oh dear, Project Runway started up as the same time as school, and being out of practice besides, I am not keeping up on these blogs! Shame on me!

I have to say, this season is boring so far. No “leatha”, no “hot tranny mess”, no “lishisnessss” or even spit marks! What’s going on? For god’s sakes, they’re still using fabric here. I’m not giving up yet, but I hope tonight’s episode gets back to the days of plants, garbage and food! It’s also interesting that they have kicked off their 2 weirdest characters, just like that! Oh, what if Stella or Blayne had gone this quick? Well, now we know.

The funny thing about this episode is, you have to keep in mind that in current time, Heidi is about to pop out kiddie number 4. At filming time, there was no bun in the oven yet. So, did this challenge inspire her? I can just see Heidi’s comments during runway show: Omg, I must have that outfit! Oh dear, I’m much too skinny to wear it, and I can’t have that bitch Rebecca Romi-stamos-man hoobidy whatserface wearing it first! (I’m pretty sure that’s what happened.)

Of course, just like the plus size challenge and menswear challenges, the designers are at a loss when they discover they are designing for a model that is not going to be super skinny. Of course, the blow was softened knowing they would be in the presence of John Stamos’ ex.

You can see that many had trouble with this design; some of the dresses pop out, but don’t look flattering hanging down (didn’t buy enough fabric maybe?). And Malvin, oh Malvin. For some reason, he thinks pregnant women want to look like big bird. As if you aren’t self-conscious enough when you’re pregnant.

The designers have their show on the runway, and it’s great that all 4 judges have been or are pregnant, and so understand the needs of a pregnant woman. (Did it annoy anyone else that they kept calling it a “pregnancy dress” instead of maternity? Is the word maternity too dowdy?)

Here they all in all their glory!

Nicolas' dress is chic and really doesn’t look like a maternity look.

Qristyl was trying to fly under the radar this week after nearly getting the axe last week

Ra’mon, Ra’mon, Ra’mon. What were you thinking???? Although I’m glad someone could get an animated reaction out of Heidi. Here is the baby!!

Althea’s boob-tastic gown. I'm not sure she thought about the pregnant body enough... It also made me wonder why they didn’t go full pregnancy tummies complete with bigger boobs and butt, just to get realistic. I know, I know, “Lighten up, it’s just fashion!”

Carol Hannah’s is just, no. Why is there a sling to accentuate the belly? Let’s make her wear this when she gets knocked up.

I liked Christopher’s design. I would wear this. I know the judges aren’t wild about leggings, but it is something a pregnant woman would want to wear.

So….is Epperson’s design for when Rebecca wants to go to maternal-martial arts class? I don’t get it.

Oh's a jumpsuit? Well, props to you if you can pull this off while actually pregnant...

Gordana’s is not bad. Not enough coverage up top if you’re busty, but I think the cardigan with the shiny fabric is a nice balance.

I am not into Irina’s look. This would be a nice dress for someone to wear to the baby shower… long as it’s not mommy about to pop. She looks huge!

Johnny’s design works for me. It’s form fitting, nice embellishment and it’s not in a loud or shiny fabric.

Logan’s design is “eh” for me. Neither here nor there.

Louise put a lot of thought and care in her design. She did dye work, appliqué work, she thought about the bust area, she thought about layering. It’s great. She really could have been the winner. I still think Shirin was the right one ftw in the end. If Louise had had time to do a cardigan with that, maybe lengthened the dress a tad, so it’s not so much like lingerie and had the model wear cute flats, that would have cinched it for me.

Mitchell’s design. Say it with me:

Hot. Tranny. (preggers) Mess.

Who designed this? Britney and Lindsay after a 3 day binge? Hideous and cheap. And why did he make the shorts big enough for all 4 judges to be in? Just no. He should be thanking Malvin all the way home, because that’s the only reason he’s still here.

Oh Malvin! Here is your weirdy egg idea. It just looks like she already had the baby and is carrying it in a sling. Who wants that??? You have the feathers up top, the egg in the middle, and even the shoes look bird-like. You’re Out!

The winner, and deservedly so, was Shirin. She got the dress, the coat, the styling. It looked comfortable and stylish. Love the twisty stitch work and the color! Kudos!