Friday, September 24, 2010

Race to the Finish

The designers are up for a huge challenge this week as they are designing an avant garde look based(?), inspired by(?) a L’Oreal Paris eye shadow style to be in an ad campaign. The stakes are high, with the $20,000 pay off to the winner!! The designers drool over this challenge, as they also get $300 to spend at Mood and “two days” to work on their look. The designers must have been blinded by $$$ because only April seems to know that this is way too good to be true and there is going to be some tomfoolery up ahead involving the velvet bag of doom or another look.

We’ve officially started the downward spiral of the designers. It’s getting close to the end, they’re running on no sleep and the judges have called all of them out at least once, and sometimes beratingly so.

Indeed, Tim does come into the workroom on the second day to seriously harsh their mellow. The designers stand with their mouths agape as Tim (almost tearfully) tells them that they must design a second look as a Ready To Wear version of their avant garde look. Now, this is not a new challenge. They did this in Season 4 with amazing results. However, that challenge was teams of 2 people to do the 2 looks. This kind of fuckery is pretty normal in the PR world, but it just seemed mean this time around. Let’s tease you with this money and more than normal amount of time, and now take it away from you!

Also, Valerie has a meltdown, Gretchen bitches for an hour that Michael C. "stole" her fabric color and Ivy makes Tim's face cringe in horror.

The Safe Ones

April is one smart cookie. She stuck to what she knew. I just worry about her always doing a black version of the same black dress every week. The avant garde look screams En Vogue from the Free Your Mind video. It's hard with black to see all the details, but she did some fun feathering on the jacket there. I think if this were something new for her or if she was truly pushing herself (or if a hippie look wasn't in the top 3), this would have been top.

Her Ready To Wear look was a little odd. I'm not sure what the gold braid is doing around her neck? Perhaps the RTW look was not great enough for the judges.

So apparently avant garde means slutty wedding dress to Christopher. When he was making the look, I thought it was going to be amazing, but when it came down the runway I was confused. It's not the worst and it's certainly not the best. Is he going to make it to the top like this, riding on the tails of people doing worse looks than him? We shall see.
Christopher's RTW look was so boring. Although I know there was not much time to work on his second look, did he mean for the neckline to be crooked?


Ok, so Gretchen is (an annoying bitch) not my favorite person, but I’ve given her credit where credit is due. As soon as Gretchen's look came out I squealed with delight. Wait for it! I was squealing in excitement for her to be on the chopping block or at least in bottom 3. Was I surprised when the judges put this in the Top 3. Tim was right, these judges are smoking some crackity crack. So what if she hand sewed those feathers on this! Do they not see the hideous modesty panel in the front, or how wide this makes her model look? Not to mention the back was some slutty wizards costume. Wow, at least she didnt' win.
The judges did not call this dowdy, matronly or anything mean. C'mon judges! Snap out of it!

Just so you know, Andy is Asian, so he can make Asian inspired garments, and don't give him a hard time about it, OK?
At first glance this is very intense, a little scary even. Reeses peanut butter cups on the sleeves perhaps? However, loved the red fabric he had in there, you can tell it’s well-made and it’s something different. I really thought this one was going to win, but I’m thinking he didn’t because of the photo spread, it wouldn’t have been the best look to be standing stagnant. Mondo’s was better in that aspect.

I thought his ready to wear look was the best of the bunch. Very smartly incorporated from the original, love how the shoulders look and the hint of metallic, very chic.
Awww my little Mondo won again!!! Squeeeeeeeee!!!! I was so happy when he won the $20k, I really think he deserves it the most. I agree with Michael that the front black satin is too cheap looking, and he must not have bought enough, because it doesn't hit low enough at the hem. The judges fawned over his little hat. Love all the colors with the black.
Ready to wear look is flawless and I feel he knows how to dress a woman's body. He made this so simple and classy, it was a great compliment to his main garment.


Michael C. gets called out to the bottom this week. Seems he gets overlooked when he goes fug, and now I thought this one was boring but safe. I thought it was interesting enough, without going to cray cray (can't get that out of my head since Valerie said it). The judges hated how long the train was (it was super long), hated the color but complimented his construction. A little stab for Ivy, perhaps?
His RTW look was pretty lame and too literal and yeah, a lot '90's. The ironic thing was Heidi was explaining to Michael that you can go short up top OR short on the bottom, but not both. HAHA Heidi, because you would never wear something like this would you? ;)

Oh girl. Oh my goodness. This girl started off so amazing, was doing so well and I don’t know what happened to her. She is so lucky she didn’t get the Auf, and she knew it. She had high ambitions this episode and lost her mind when they got the news of the second outfit. I'm not sure how this came out of it, but Tim made her send something down, and this hideous snow queen look is the end result.
I don't even know what to say about this. It's not blue?

Well you know I haven’t liked Ivy’s stuff since Day 1 when she should have been kicked off. She finally used color and now I know why she doesn’t. When this came down the runway I was so horrified. And what’s with blaming the model for fudging her measurements? Don’t they all?
This looks like she hot glued wet paper streamers to a bridemaid dress and couldn't quite get it all done. Valerie is thanking her lucky stars that Ivy decided to make this POS look.
And the RTW look was just super yawn. I don't know if it was worse than Valerie's RTW look, but at least Valerie could admit that she failed this week. It also didn't help how bitchy Ivy was with the judges each week. Don't think that they don't notice that! Especially this season with Crankypants Michael Kors.
Auf Wiedersehen Ivy! I won't miss you!!!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Jackie O, or Jackie Oh, No!?

In which we finally discover why the preview for this episode showed Tim saying "Jackie O would not have a camel-toe!"

(which then led to an awkward explanation of what a cameltoe is to my mother.....)

Dahlings, let's dish. Tim Gunn posts a vlog the day after most episodes are aired, so he can tell you what happened behind the scenes. Senor Gunn had some choice words to say about the producers and production team of PR. This episode they went back and forth on what the challenge would be, and as a result Tim even had to intervene on the judging because the communication between the producers, Tim, the designers and judges was pretty much FUBAR.

Originally, the producers wanted to have the designers design a look for Katie Holmes to wear, as she is playing Jackie Kennedy in a miniseries. Since that fell through, they had them design American sportswear with Jackie in mind. This even drove Tim crazy, because Jackie wasn't known as an American sportswear icon. It seems there was also talk about doing a complete 180 and having the designers do a look inspired by a style of dance. According to Tim, he was at the dance studio, and no one else was there. To top it off, after going back to the Jacqueline Kennedy challenge, the estate said that Tim couldn't call her Jackie Kennedy Onassis. It's not on Tim's site, did Tim pull his vlog for fear of repercussions or did Lifetime or the producers ask him to pull? I'm not sure if all that drama excuses the fug that walked down the runway but between that and the added twist of outerwear at the last moment it certainly didn't help matters!

If you can check it out while it's still posted, please see it here:

How feisty was Tim??? Super fab, love him even more.

The "Safe ones"

Michael C.
Another thing Tim complained about, was that he told the designers to do a 2 piece look and then they would add the outerwear. The 2 piece explanation didn't make it into the episode. I don't see how this is American sportswear or Jackie Kennedy. It's a simple dress with an ugly jacket on top. I think the judges should have called Michael out on this one, but apparently they think he's thrown under the bus too much and is fragile. Lucky once again.
Gretchen has been safe these last couple of weeks. I don't know if the judges don't want to talk to her since the team challenge, or if the producers want her and Michael awkwardly in the waiting room together. Anyhoo, same color palette she's been using. It's not bad, I would call it safe too.

April wasn't going to win with this, and she called it too: "Jackie wouldn't go goth". I like April's work and yes I love wearing black more than the next gal, but she needs to pull out of it a little bit. True, it did work well for Christian and Irina, but they also had amazing showmanship. I do like this, just not sure it fits the challenge well enough.
The Bottoms:

I had a problem with the judges hating this so much. True, it's drab and un-sexy. It does show Valerie, and yeah, it was a "jacket over a jacket" but she had already made a jacket before she found out they had to an outerwear look and when she asked Tim if she could make something else for under since she had made a jacket, he told her no. So, they were more tough on her than they had to be, in my opinion. However, I've been a Valerie fan this season, and I wish she would have some more confidence in her work, because the challenges seem to be overpowering her. Snap out of it girlfriend!
The judges were super cruel to Andy! It was pretty uncomfortable to watch. Yes, it didn't feel like it went with the rest of the challenge. Yes, those pants fit very strange and the top is weak, and omg what are those boots from? Really Piperlime??
Besides all that, this look is Andy, it's sportswear and it has something about it that makes you notice. I know there's a lot wrong with it, but I'm glad they didn't give him the auf (and I wonder who Tim ultimately saved with his "butting in") because there's something I can't put my finger on, but I don't hate this look as much as the judges did. Yes, he did need to get called out, because he was doing more his thing than a Jackie thing, but that was also miscommunicated all around!

Michael D.
This week Michael gets the AUF. Oh Michael, he was one I enjoyed watching, and I still think about that fab look he did for team Military and Lace. sigh.
This, as Tim mentioned, was unfortunate. The skirt trick, he's pulled something similar, but this one came out weird. Why did it hit her hips in the low spot? That's NOT where a woman wants a skirt to hit, and a loose one at that. The jacket is ok, but then the top was two layers and they didn't fit very well either. Oh Michael, I can see why the judges chose you. Sorry you had to go out like that, but Tim did warn you that skirt was bad.

The Tops

This is the second time Christopher has been in the "top", meaning he's in the top 3 with a "but....". So they loved this dress, but.....
I thought it was Desperate Housewives look. That shrug was strange and kind of gross. I think this made the "top" because so many designers made looks that were not fitted, sophisticated, expensive looks. So, this was closest to that. Even if you're designing "your point of view" for Jackie, what comes to mind is fitted and chic, and many designers missed the mark on that.

Which brings us to Ivy's look. Overall this was fitted and chic. No, not my favorite, but out of what we had to choose from I would give this the second place. It's not a "who's the nicest designer" competition remember. So as much as I hate Ivy, I love that she did pants, and they look great. It was a risk to do a sheer coat and the judges went for it. Kudos Ivy.

Of course, this was clearly the win. I saw a lot of haters on the blogosphere world on this look. As Tim said, his textiles for this challenge were on point. I also think Mondo reigned himself in here. He could have gone way Mondo-crazy and instead he channeled that cray cray into his own runway outfit. I think the houndstooth was a smart idea, and the purple made it fun and modern. The stripes with the print could have gone too much, but everything is fitted and expensive looking, so it works. Love that he made the smart jacket and tied it together with the purple lining. J'adore!! Still love Mondo, and this makes up for last week's scary design.

What's Mine is Yours

This episode was pretty yawn-tastic, so I have put it off for too long. This became a team challenge which can bring the claws out, but it was pretty tame in the end.

Call the wah-mbulance because Michael C. still isn't getting respect from the others. April gets an over-enthusiastic reception to her new home.

This week they go on a little field trip and we get to see Tim look super uncomfortable on a boat.

The designers are given their challenge by Michael Kors who tells them they need to make a resort wear look. Some of the designers cry because their idea of resort wear is wearing their chonies in their apartment.

30 minutes and $150 at Mood for their designs, they start their looks until Tim comes in and tells them that they are to be partnered up and will execute their partner's design. Interesting side note: originally the producers wanted them to work on their looks for 2 hours, then switch, repeat. Thankfully Tim told them that was preposterous and would be super confusing to judge. Our Tim, the voice of reason.

The pairings are supposed to produce ultimate drama, but they don't for the most part. I mean, anyone paired with Ivy is going to have a hard time, she thinks she's on "The Ivy Show" (her words). Michael C. is supposed to be the Boy Who Can't Sew so of course there's going to be drama, even from my Mondo with the cute hair. However, even they kiss and make up so the show goes on. Listen, I'm not into super awkward drama just for the sake of drama, but also team challenges are uncomfortable in general. I did like this challenge because it is true to life, the designers will eventually have someone else execute their work if they make it into the "real world" of fashion.

Michael Kors accompanies Tim Gunn to the workroom to critique the looks. That's going to be interesting for the runway, since he'll still be judging.

Other side note: Was Tim's chastising to Gretchen the kick in the pants she needed? She is definitely less bitchy lately.

On to the runway....

Gretchen designed a high waisted jumpsuit in browns. It's a Gretchen look. She really is into browns and grays. Casanova executed it, and it turned out fine. I'm not so into the look, but it's safe.

Michael C designed a disco resort look. Another jumpsuit which is a big snooze, even with that loud fabric. I think the legs are too long and wide to look very good, but it's another safe look.

Valerie designed a short with this long top that opened at the belly, just where you want to expose yourself...not. I don't get the color of the top nor the pattern on the shorts that seem to be pointing to the "good china" to quote our dear Peach. Not sure what she was thinking on this one. The back wasn't executed to her liking, but the fact is, the designers got their own fabrics before they knew someone else was executing.
Christopher designs another safe look that anyone could buy at the store for their vacation. It's put together well, but for a design challenge, it doesn't turn any heads. Christopher needs to step it up if he's going to impress the judges.

The bottoms:

Ivy designed another full, muted color look. She dumbed it down, because she didn't trust her partner Michael D. to execute the look she originally designed. Michael and Tim also warned her not to use the original print she had for the top, which was "careerist". Ivy blamed her dull look on Michael D., which could be partially true, but based on her previous designs, her original look couldn't have been that much better.
p.s. if you want a good drinking game, do a shot every time a judge says "throw him/her under the bus" in any variation.

Mondo's look is way scary. The challenge was vague, it was just to design "resort wear" but they didn't specify what age group.... This is resort wear, but maybe not the idea of resort that the judges had in mind. Mondo comes very close to getting the auf, but they keep him around for another week.

Casanova is still desinging for old ladies. I am wondering why the designers chose mostly muted colors for their looks. Alas, this off the shoulder top with detail around the waist did not make the cut. The top was even randomly knotted in the back. I'm very shocked Casanova designed this look for this challenge, he could have made a sexy look inspired by his Puerto Rican heritage. This look was called "unfortunate" and "mumsy". Ay dios mio, Casanova gets the auf. He was so fabulously entertaining it will be sad with him not around.

Nooooooooooooo they took away Casanova!!! Well the producers were probably crying a damn river after he was aufed. In fact they put together a cute little montage in his honor.

I thought this design by Michael D. looked kind of sloppy. I also don't find it flattering. Perhaps if it was a vibrant color in jersey fabric it would look more youthful and fun. This looks kind of drab. However, the judges liked it.

Andy's design really wowed the judges. The top easily untied to reveal a sexy swimsuit. Very dramatic and sexy on the runway. Perhaps it was too literal for the judges, as they didn't give this fun design the win.

April got a win! She desined what she called a black risque look of someone on a vacation to an asylum. How creepy! There wasn't many good looks this week, so this was the most unique design for a resort wear challenge. The top part in intriguing, but as we go lower it gets more strange. The boy shorts seem quite large on the model and the sheer black looks like straight up lingerie. I think this would be a good look to wear to an evening event at the resort for cocktails by the pool. However, Michael Kors told her to go that route, so she was very smart to listen and she ended up with her first win. Congrats April!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

You Can Totally Wear That Again

This week on the drama of sewing clothes for 3 crazy judges and 1 random guest judge in one day and some sort of twist.....

The judges still love Michael C. but the other designers hate him. Gretchen calls her mom. Tim and Gretchen had a bit of a spat at Red Lobster, but they made up and are carrying on.

This week the challenge is to take a Bridesmaid dress and create a fashionable look. Yeah. This would be harder than making a bridesmaid dress.

At Mood, they have $50 to spend on supplemental fabric.

This week's twist is they will show at a designer showcase with the guests voting for their favorite look. This will be "taken into consideration" at judging, but not give them the automatic win. A rumor starts that Michael C. has been sabotaging the other designers aka Ivy and Valerie, who are friends. Hmmmm I would hope the camera peeps would get a shot of that if it were true.

I want to call this episode bandana episode....Andy, Valerie and Michael D are all rocking one this episode. Plus, how cute was Mondo's hair this week???

Just in general, it's been great to see more of Tim in the workroom. He's not only a mentor, but a girlfriend to the designers. We used to get just little snippets from him, but he's definitely been more prominent on the show since we've had the added time. I really like that about the extended format.

Onto the Runway!

Safety Net:

Gretchen needs to learn a new trick. Loose top, tight leggings or skirt and large boots are so last 4 weeks for her. I don't find this flattering. She had a really hideous dress so she had a big challenge this week, but I just don't find this look all together flattering. All I see are the boots, way too distracting.
p.s. Glad she fixed the side boob action for the runway.

Cute look. She had one of the least worst looks to begin with. April smartly made what she wanted to make instead of trying to please all of her client's crazy demands. It's maybe a little secretary-ish, but still youthful.

Hmmm did Ivy listen to me and use color this week? Gasp! She had an ivory dress which she made into pants. I think the pants were not made perfectly....pretty darn tight all over. However, this is the first look she's made that I actually liked!

Casanova had immunity this week. I like the top, but the pants are way too Heidi-esque for me. (Short tight and shiny). You made it to another round Casanova!

I liked this one. The top fits her like a dream. I'm not so crazy about the shorts, but I do like how it all came together. (Until she turned around and there were zippers from top to bottom UGH)

The Tops

I'm confused....did they like this look or not? It seemed like he was top 3, but then they were criticizing it. I really like it. It helped that his model is gorgeous! He originally had a shiny blue number on a bigger model, but she got scared and dropped out. I'm not crazy about the peek-a-boob, but it does add something to what could have been a boring dress.

Mondo won the most votes at the showcase, but alas, was a bridesmaid himself this round. Poor guy. I think the judges refused to give Mondo a win with the "Jersey hair" and hoop earrings. So close Mondo! It's a very ey-catching well made dress. He actually turned the dress inside out, so that it wasn't so freakin' shiny gross bridesmaid satin polyester. Next time buddy!

Michael C.
Here's my observations on my notecard when this walked out:
"Debutante slut and why the obvious zippers?"
Sadly, Gretchen had the best reasoning on this one in the waiting room when she called out that it was short, had lace, shiny and zippers all at once. I felt there was way too much going on with this dress. I understand why the judges liked it (there wasn't much else to pick from), it has a very interesting shape to it. It's something pretty different. It wasn't made well though, and eek just the lace with the satin material together with the shortness is just too freakin' much normally!
Were the judges giving him a sympathy win after last week's slaying on the runway by his team? Well they say they don't put past work into consideration.
Still, congrats to Michael C.! As Casanova reminded Gretchen, the both of you have 2 wins.

The Bottoms

I actually thought this was a fun look when it came down the runway. The model looked genuinely happy when she walked it, and it was bright. However, when you look closer it is pretty odd. Why do the black pieces not go all the way up? Did she run out of black fabric? Why in the hell did she decide to use strings like that to tie it all slutty in the back?
Oh dear and yeah it's just not flattering from all angles. It was styled well overall and I think the judges really want to see more from her. I know I do!! Kill 'em in the next round bebe!!

Michael D.
Michael had a hard time with this challenge. You know, the designers were overall very lucky this week. Although they had to design for "real people" their models were all pretty darn skinny. Valerie and Michael had the bigger gals, and they ended up in the bottom. It could be that any of the other designers would have quite possibly been in the same situation had they had different models.
Michael was smart to make a little jacket for his model. However, why he went with this ugly black netting to go on top of the dress is beyond anyone. He really should have done a fitted skirt for her. The judges were right, she looked better in her original bridesmaid dress. It's a very simple rule here, you want fitted here and she will actually look skinnier than putting her in a flowy dress. I wondered if the judges cut him a little slack because he had to design for a bigger gal than the others?

Peach went into a "Peach Panic" this episode and was afraid her model was going to show the "good china". Oh Peach..what happened here? I don't know what's sadder, the fact that this look was so hideous or the fact that her model looked genuinely happy with her garment. It really is ugly and I'm not surprised she was given the AUF this week. She makes a very similar look each week. She's been so much fun on the show, she looked like she had a blast and she's very talented at sewing and tailoring, it's just too bad that she just didn't have much of a range. Tim warned her about adding the bed skirt around the waist and she didn't listen!!
Auf Weidersehen Peach, we will miss you all the same!

Peach reads the same blog I do, and just as religiously. They are so hilarious! Check them out! They even interviewed Peach after her auf and she's such a sweetie! She even used their saying on the show which I also steal for my blog "short tight and shiny"

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

There Is an "I" in Team

This episode goes down in Project Runway history!

Included this week:
A Villain
A Victim
Underdog team win
Fashion Guru going off on the minions

Friends, I have watched and re-watched this episode and it just gets better and better. Where could I even begin on this one?

First of all, the designers are all seeing green at Michael Costello winning last week's challenge. I hope they don't take it out on him later....

This week, the challenge is two teams of six designers, with no appointed team leader. Michael C. gets to choose first and chooses Queen Bitch Gretchen. April explains it best: "Michael is such a dumbass. Do you want Hitler on your team?"

Team Gretchen is turning out to be the "so-called" winners of the season and the other side is the misfit team with no one having a win. Both teams have designers I like. However my two favorites, Mondo and Valerie are on the "underdog" team.
Mr. Gunn explains to the designers that they will have to choose a concept from a list with a textile/color choice on the second list. Team Luxe, as they name themselves, choose "Menswear for Women" and "Camel". While Team Military and Lace choose, ummmm, "Military" and "Lace".

What a difference in the teams as they caucus (with their HP tablets, natch). Team Luxe is already getting mind controlled by Gretchen while Team Military is working together very democratically and kind to one another. Team Luxe wants to design to their strengths by making assigned pieces, while Team Military is each making their own look. Team Luxe think they can design this collection in their sleep and are creaming their camel pants over it, while Team Military and Lace look nervous as they go into battle.
$1,000 to spend at Mood and Gretchen is already cracking her whip and no one on Team Luxe manages to find a scrap of luxurious fabric.

In the workroom, Team Luxe has to teach Michael C. "how to sew" while Team Military's Casanova has the best diva breakdown in possibly PR history!!!

It all started when Tim tells Casanova that his garment is "the mother of the other looks". This puts him over the edge.
Casanova reclines on the fainting sofa and laments his PR woes, he makes "fuckin clothes for old ladies, sluts and flamenco dancers" and he's "tired, the verge to lose his mind" and....wait for it......"getting fat". The other designers and his model kiss his sweet Puerto Rican ass and get him back in the game. He has an epiphany of being too sensitive and realizes he needs to "make it work." Casanova, get it girl!

Put your panties back on and get to work!!!

Then Tim visits Team Luxe and warns them that their collection is looking "ho hum" compared to the other team. This doesn't even register with Team Luxe so they merely brush off this criticism and go back to fanning Gretchen and feeding her peeled grapes.

The next day, Team Military and Lace get 'er done while Team Luxe have Gretchen and her 4:00am list of demands and all 6 models hemming garments!!!

On to the Runway Collections!!
Team Military and Lace aka self-proclaimed "Bad News Bears"
Michael D.

Was it the best collection of all time? No. Did it have some flaws? Yes. Did it blow the other team out of the water in overall styling, cohesion, design and even fabric choices? Hell Yes.

How cute was the group hug when they won?

Very different kind of piece. I find the mustard leggings and ugly shoes to be distracting, but I do love the top and shorts.

The judges really liked this, which was great for Peach. I have to say it wasn't my favorite. I didn't like the red and blue together with the really obvious chains dangling. I would have liked blue or red but not both like primary colors. Good for Peach, but it has to be the best of the rest, not just best for you personally.

This looks like April. The jacket does have a lot going on, but it works with the simplicity of the pant. The shoes are cute with it and it looks like current military as fashion.
This is probably my least favorite look this week. I love the jacket, but I don't love the white with the blue, it's too much, too matchy matchy. I don't see that it's very fashion forward, but it works OK with the collection and does make it so it's not too lacey and dowdy overall.
The winner this week!!!
Wow, he did deserve it this week! He gets the Best Diva Breakdwon award and this look is hot. The top is sexy but not stripper sexy, the pants are well made and I did like the metal detail up the leg. Overall just super chic and deserved the win! Felicidades!

Michael D.
So, I totally understand Casanova for the win, but I drooled over this top. The string detail on the side was hot, the metal detailing around the waist -it works. I can see her nude bra, so it would have been better as a lined top and the lace skirt was not so imaginative, but this one was a really close second for me.
Love Love Love the back!

Team Luxe or self-proclaimed Winning Team. Ha!
Michael C.

"The other team is CRAY CRAY!!"

Ok, so I know Gretchen is a crazy, conniving bitch-but did she seriously pick all these fabrics? Who chose these fabrics? Was there any possible way in hell they could win these '70's cheap looking fabrics? The collection looked old, drab and whatever the opposite of Luxe is. Let's carry on to the runway....

Since Team Luxe had a cluster-fuck of who made what, this is as best as we can do to describe who made what piece:

What the? Flight attendant with creepy skin leggings? The judges were not impressed with this look. Too bad they opened the show with it! Let's begin our journey with an air hostess from the 60's running errands about town.

We're sorry A.J., but you're out. And as Gretchen said, you didn't have to make a bad shirt dress. You were the "sacrificial lamb" according to Tim.

Christopher, those pants. Why did you do that to this girl? The top without the jacket was not bad. All I can see is that huge front panel of a pant with no front closure. It scares me. Perhaps our gal is applying for jobs in the 70's.

Least worst of the looks. Don't know if I see any camel in this look....
The top without the sweater was actually kind of cute, but that's about it. Our gal got a job as an office secretary. Maybe she's living in the 80's now.

Cray-Cray indeed. Would you ever imagine a look like this to appear on Project Runway? This has to go down as one of the worst looks. Maybe if the challenge was, take this Quaker outfit and turn it not even then. How about? No, this is just a WTF look. Ivy has never been my favorite and she really should have been sent home for this injustice. Heidi said it was the worst outfit of the collection. Ivy, you're lucky this week.

Michael C.
Mostly. Christopher made the cigarette pant. If you look at this look, in this collection, you know that he's not going home. Well there's that and the immunity. The judges were fine with his work and kept reminding the other designers that he had immunity and was not going home. The designers on his team just kept insulting him on the runway.

Now our secretary has journeyed into the 90's. How does it feel?

The runway was one of the most awkward yet.

It began back in the waiting room while Team Luxe was in utter shock at being in the bottom. Right then and there Gretchen made the rest of the designers pinky swear that they wouldn't throw anyone under the bus and they would go defending their amazing collection. A.J. had concerns that someone might "flip a switch" on the runway and turn on the others.....Nooo, never......

Then out on the runway the designers cried over their love's labor of a collection. They told the judges it was their baby and they stood behind it's amazing birth. Everyone was vital to the success of the team, no one was weak. Tears were shed. Hearts were worn on the sleeves. Everything was beautiful.

Cry me a river.

Well who knows how many edited hours later the judges were out for blood. They wouldn't take team unity for an answer.

"Grandma arrived"


"Yeah I know our collections sucked"


She had to "style, maybe a crappy collection".

Delicious. One of the most awkward, shameful hot mess of a runway judging.

Poor A.J. was the sacrifice for Team Luxe. Auf Weidersehen A.J. Sorry you had to go down for the team this week.

Then came the most amazing moment yet.

I'll let Tim have his moment here:

It's on now!!!

Designers, Team Luxe was totally brainwashed by Gretchen and you made fools of yourselves, not just with your garments, but with your preposterous behavior on the runway. You belittled the designer that could not go home and did make the worst garment, and you were all mindless robots. You should have grown a pair and and let the judges know how insane and controlling and bitchy Gretchen was to the judges. Team Fail.

(Can't wait for next week)