Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Season 6 in El Lay

They're baaaaaaaaaaackkkk. The new season is in LA, which is omg, like totally different, but Heidi, Tim and crew are still there, so phew! No need to panic!

In the beginning it's just too tricky to tell who is who. We have to rely on online bios and PR editing. We do know there's a lot of young'uns and an older dreadlocked guy. There's a guy who had to battle a meth addiction and a guy who thought Ramon needed an apostrophe. Oh, and here's our crazy gal. Hmmm she kinda looks like Samantha Ronson. Who's our celebrity judge again? Oh yeah, LiLo. Hmmm hope that doesn't work against her.....

No crazy challenge to start out with. $200 and they are off. I have to tell you, I was halfway paying attention, so much Heidi and Tim and fabric was overloading my brain after the all-star challenge. Tim has to console one of the designers. Sweetie, if the stress of episode 1 is killing you, just wait. You're still working with fabric! Be thankful.

So, somehow, through the dreads and crystal meth and time restraints the designers make it to the runway. Along the way they learned a lot about time constraints and lying models.

Althea's design
Safe dress, but looks well made

Ari Fish
I think I've been watching PR for too long. If this had been in a challenge to make something out of random items, it would have done much better. Too bad it was supposed to be "Red Carpet" fashion.

Carol "I'mnotdumbandblondIswear" Hannah
I didn't hate this design. I didn't like how low on the chest it runs, but I do like the concept and the styling

Christopher "No formal training" aka The First Winner
Winning design. Carrie Bradshaw wore a similar type dress one time.

Pretty interesting concept, and I think the color really works

ugh. geometry? just ugh.

Super sexy glam. Doesn't seem that original, but it's deffo red carpet worthy.

Very sexy dress

The back is what gives it that wow factor

The judges would have liked this in a different color like navy blue or black, but I actually like this red


Looks very put together. She said the color scheme wasn't what she was originally going for. I think it's better that the two tones are muted together.

Ugh. This should have been in the bottom

Mitchell and his The Emperor Has No Clothes dress

I wouldn't call this a red carpet dress, but it's cute

Wait, Kenley's back?

Heidi liked this one because it looked expensive

Hmm. I think Kara Saun did a similar style dress one challenge complete with matching cape too

Overall a nice showing, but no one stands out yet. I think ftw I would have gone with Johnny, just because it seemed more fun and the person wearing it on the red carpet could get the money shot with the back to the camera. I do think that the winner was a good choice too, so I'm not disappointed. I can't wait to see how these kids do with a challenge challenge with non-fabric items, that's what has made this show famous.

Make it Work....All Star Style

Auf Weidersehen

Wow, how long did we wait for this season of crazy designers? So long that I'm getting over the fact that I have to admit that I watch a show on Lifetime. Ew.

So, as excited as I was to have 3 hours of delicious Project Runway to was a little too much to handle in one night. Loved seeing the past season designers back and see the new ones get their dreams crushed, but it was all a bit much to handle in one season. I think showing the fan favorites right before overshadowed the new talents.

All Star Challenge:

I was excited to see Santino, Chris, Korto, Mychael and Uli. Sweet P as much as she is a fan favorite, I'm not into her designs at all. Daniel, I just don't feel like he ever left and what's this? Why is Jeffrey competing for $100K when he already won? Lame. All I could think of was "What happened, to Andrae??"

The designers were given a nice chunk of change and off to Mood for ole time's sake. There was some vague idea of Nicole Kidman maybe wearing something if it didn't suck too bad but she never appeared.

The designers are super stressed out again, well everyone except Chris who slept through the challenge, and are super pissed when Tim appears and wants to take them to dinner at a super fancy place. Wow, is this your first time playing? Obviously there's a reason they're taking you from your work. Surprise! the designers have to add a fourth look made from tearing apart the restaurant and now they get an extra day so the divas can stop crying.

Runway show. Here's my opinion:

Sweet P.
Blechhh. Over and over they say "home sewn" to her. Who's home? A green and pink fairy who likes nightgowns? This stuff does not look current, fun, sophisticated or even interesting.

Chris March
Now we know what he was dreaming of; warm blankets. Liking that though.

Santino, Santino, Santino. I liked it more than the judges did. I thought it was cohesive, exciting and shiny. :p They thought it was TOO much shininess. Well, otherwise you would say it wasn't Santino enough. So make up your minds already!!!

Damnit. I didn't want to like it, but I did.

Very fun, and there's no doubt she's a talent

Ummm....ok. I just don't get it. And that restaurant challenge? He should have been auf'd just for that. It's not the una bomber challenge honey

Love it. My favorite one. Chic, young, alluring. Give her the money already!

ho hum.

Shockinly, Jeffrey, Uli and Santino are the bottom 4 and were auf'd right away. (I know that made a lot of people happy to see Jeffrey and Santino denied.)

Now, how cute was Chris when he got all teary about being in the top 4? Made me teary myself. If only he would get that sleep apnea taken care of!

It's down to Korto and Daniel. My daughter and I are chanting Korto, Korto, Korto.......

Hmm. Sadness. I guWell DVF did say, it only takes one dress to be famous.