Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hat's Off to You

Mad Hatters

Philip Treacy is the guest judge this episode, and he brought some of his fabulousness to the runway, as the designers will have to design their look around one of his hats. You may have seen some of his work, but not known who he was. Most famously of late, his hats have been worn by her majesty Lady Gaga:

Actually, just google Philip Treacy and Lady Gaga and you'll see she goes goo goo for his hats. It's rumored that she asked the Irish designer for an internship so she could make her own hats.

The designers get to choose the hat they want to design for and all stay with their models instead. Hmmm interesting. They want to stay true to their girls...what if their hat sucks? They only have one day to design and $150 at Mood.

At Mood, Mondo is hearing voices from the fabrics. Ivy is inspired by the hospital's curtains, since you know, she was there at the beginning of the episode.

In the workroom, Kristin gets spanked. Foreshadowing?

Again, the extra 30 minutes add more random crazy moments in the workroom, and all around trash talking by the designers. Is it needed? Probably not.

Donna Karan 1988?
Who is Casanova? Is his English bad or is he messing with us? What is his style exactly? Yes, this is a simple dress, but as it's under that Whoville hat, the dress doesn't need to scream "Look at me!" Casanova might have had the best strategy here, make some weird garments to get noticed, but not kicked off, and then make chic clothes in between. I love how this dress is draped. On another week this might not be strong enough, but here it is perfect.

I wish Ivy would stop talking so much, but mostly I wish Ivy would use some bolder colors. These drab muted colors need to go! These safe looks are also still fine while there's more designers, but eventually the judges will notice that she is, well, kind of boring.

Cute take on a church lady look. The dress really compliments this hat and they seem to go together as far as I can tell. Perhaps not amazingly original, but it looks great to me! Very wearable and fun.

I love Mondo. This is not my most favorite look, but he does take risks and I love him for that. This reminds me of J Lo's fly girl outfits for some reason and there's A LOT going on. So much that you can't even tell that she has a mustachio painted on her face. Is that a Project Runway first? Work it Mondo!

Going for the ferosh look here. I wonder why this wasn't a top contender? This look as a whole is pretty fabalishous. That hat with the luxe looking fabric and the cute shoes, she looks like she's going to an art gallery opening, and fighting for your attention.

Gretchen will be at Fashion Week, unless she gets screwed by a team challenge. I don't really like this, but it works fine for the challenge. It almost seems the judges wanted some crazy looks to go with these crazy hats, and crazy they got here. The feathery print is a lot to go with the hat, but the sash calms it down. The leggings scare me. The beige all in one color or maybe black would have been fine, but wow the bottoms are weird. Was she trying to make this poor girl look like a bird? It really doesn't matter, this girl will make it to the end, because they don't kick you off for being a know-it-all-bitch.
Oh look, Peach made a cute little print dress. Again.
Peach you better snap out of it! This is an amazing hat and your model is GORGEOUS and you put on this "short tight and [not really] shiny" piece of work! Peach, I expect the next dress to be covered in GD diamonds that you pulled out of your ass à la Tim Gunn style!

The Bottoms:

Christopher got a FIERCE hat and was on the right track here. This coat dress is pretty ferosh! Although does he always have to belt the dress? Can he make a dress without a belt? The weird skirt thing his model wanted was not helpful and the leggings with the boots do make it look piratey. Perhaps he should have done some black tight pants with some cute heels instead and just let the coat with the hat pop. I don't think this should have been a bottom look. The judges didn't like the heaviness of the fabric, which I can kind of see, but it looks like means it to be more of a coat than a dress.

April was on the right track. It looks like she remade her tuxedo jacket disaster again to show that she can make clothes and make them cute. The well a diaper, or "peel-away-panties" as Michael Kors called them. The back of the diaper looked horrendous and she added a zipper as well. However, the judges liked where she was going with this. Perhaps some super short black shorts or a striped micro mini would have suited the top better. I'm all for people wearing more booty shorts and less pants, so make it work!

It was only a matter of time before Kristin went home. She is really not a good sewer and it shows again on this look. I can see where she was going as far as the shape of the dress, it does look very orchid-like. Auf Weidersehen Kristin! The judges seemed very reluctant to kick you off. Although you seemed nonchalant about leaving, I'm sure it was hard to leave.

Valerie got a super fun "hat" to work with. The possibilities were so endless, it must have been a little overwhelming.
The zipper in the back of the dress was incongruous, and Tim Gunn told her not to use them, but Heidi seemed to like it, so go figure. I thought it was pointless. The judges seemed to like all the things that Tim Gunn did not like about it. Philip Treacy was not quite sold on it, so that may have cost her the win.
I thought the dress was a fun cute look, but not really with the mask. And the jacket was distracting, not cute, just there. I wouldn't have this look in the top, but I do love Valerie's looks in general, she is definitely a talent.

Michael D.
The two Michaels make it to the top!
When Michael was making this, it looked like the top was made out of cardboard. I thought perhaps it was the under part of the look to make it poof out, so I was surprised to see the finished look on the runway. It looks great with the hat, the skirt is a fun pop of color and the judges were impressed with the technique. Overall a stunning look and I wouldn't have been surprised if it had won.

Michael C.
Michael C. does the call home that means either A. He gets kicked off or B. He wins. This time it was because he won. He had to scrap his first hideous idea, and made this one very quick. The judges swooned over the color of the dress. I think it worked well with the hat, and it was a fun look that complimented the hat well and it doesn't fight the hat. However, was it the best look?? I think it was a good safe look and he was smart enough to not present his first idea that was messy, but I don't see it as the best look. However, the judges disagree and this was zee winnah! Poor Michael, he was so freaking happy to get compliments from the judges and came back to the other designers who all had WTF looks on their faces.

(According to Casanova "Every girl in Puerto Rico has this dress in her closet")

Lifetime, Lifetime, Lifetime.....
I don't even want to talk about this moment, just don't let it happen again.

Monday, August 16, 2010

It's a Party

Finally, an unconventional materials challenges!!

Heidi tells the designers that they are going to see Tim for a party. Luckily they know this doesn't mean party for fun. Tim takes them to a party store where they are given $100 at Glitters and 30 minutes to shop.

Senor Gunn also reminds them that making a dress out of a tablecloth is just lame and the judges will call them out for it. Some designers are super excited, running around the store and some are just spazzing out. Casanova can't make a look with, how you say? bullshit. So he grabs tablecloths. Let's flashback to 2 minutes ago, when Tim said the judges won't like it if you use tablecloths. Oh yeah, and he grabs some plush puppies(?). Meanwhile, the amazing, self-proclaimed "force to be reckoned with" Gretchen is looking pretty stressed. She can't seem to find any organic party supplies that biodegrade. The question is: are they editing Gretchen to be the bitch or is she really that annoying?

Well looky here, Gretchen is going around the room having "coffee talk" with the other designers and talking about their designs and making opinions. Honey, you are not Tim Gunn, and apparently you are that annoying.

Poor A.J. is so pressured to make something amazing because everyone is expecting him to rock this challenge. I have to say I would probably be the A.J. of the show in the sense that I would be incessantly talking my way through the challenge to combat the stress of the situation. Plus I would be singing songs, but it is early on in the season.

Later on, Tim and Kristin get giddy over animal woolly balls. Tim prefers the woolly balls. Hmmmm, let's carry on shall we?

Apparently, Tim's pink shirt and tie are making him FEISTY tonight. After the woolly balls Tim calls Peach uptight. And then orders her to make a diamond out of the coal up her ass. Gasp! Are they supposed to be designing or making jewelry?

The twist this challenge is the models bring over a "goodie" bag of more random stuff that they have to make an accessory for their outfit with. Panic ensues. Designers, you just need to make it work! Take that coal up your ass and make some accessories!

Seeing the workroom I'm so excited for the runway!!!

Super cute and dare I say, whimsy. Certainly not the winner but an overall fun outfit. He may be my favorite.
I actually don't hate this. I hated it in the workroom and I thought she was going to crash and burn, but out here it looks bright and youthful. I hate the clogs but luckily I don't notice them too much with all the colors going on.

Hmmmm. I think of what Tim said to Peach earlier: "This is the party challenge! This is no time to be safe!" This looks like shattered glass according to my daughter. I have to agree and it looks like a dress not party favors. The bottom is not so great, it looks like she's using the black tights to blend the bottom of that, but considering the trickiness of working with these materials, it was probably a smart way to go.
I'm curious what Michael used to make this dress. It looks quite bulky and shaped weirdly, but it's a nice safe effort.
Well well well. Peach took Tim's advice to heart and did great here! The craziness of the bottom half is balanced with the demure type top. The matching handbag is great too. Finally Peach did the challenge properly, it was worth getting chastised by Tim in the workroom. Ivy
Another bulky look. It just looks so heavy and she basically glued stuff to muslin. I won't be sad when Ivy is gone, I don't feel she's very creative at all.

Tim thought this was stunning. It took me back to the garbage challenge of a previous season. I mean, it looks like he's trying to make something pretty out of ugly materials. Party supplies are not ugly, they're gawdy. I just feel it was a weak effort.

Wow. This reminds me of the garbage challenge too. Bulky, not that creative and the accessory is lame. I hope he can step it up in the future.

You look at this and you just think Heatherette or maybe Betsy Johnson? I'm so glad Betsy had something nice to say about his look. He went for it! Yeah, the necklaces in the crotch area were not the best choice (Wendy Pepper's Gristedes challenge or Emilio's hardware challenge?) but I felt it was wrong to call him out to the bottom when he really embraced this challenge. Perhaps the overall design is not very ambitious and it does look like a lot of crap was thrown on, but it's wild and seems like "party". I would have put Michael's weak silver and blue look in the bottom instead.

As soon as this came out of Michael Kors' mouth, that's when I knew, they can't kick the 'Nova off, Michael's getting comic gold with this guy and he can't stop now!
Gawdy and slightly disturbing. Luckily Sarah's look was really the absolute worst one. Even with Casanova's charm, he won't be around for much longer. The whole concept of the show and the challenges seem absolutely bewildering to him.

Oh Sarah. While watching this episode I was just thinking how much I like Sarah and how I hoped she would make it pretty far. Alas, she knew what she was making was hideous, but she just couldn't stop herself. She got this palm tree thing in her head and wouldn't admit that it was going to be the death of her. This is clearly the worst look of the week.
Still, I hate to see her leave. Auf Weidersehen Sarah. I wish you luck out there!

This came out and I just thought, hey she did good on this challenge. Yeah, she's super annoying to listen to, but she is good at what she does. I love the skirt idea and she made a "look" as opposed to a dress. For me, the boots are so distracting, it's what I mostly see when I look at this. Props for making a wearable 3 piece look. This is meant to be a design show and it's not about who the "nicest" designer is. Except that Seth Aaron was the nicest designer and he was also the most talented last season.
Chic, sexy and, as Betsey Johnson said, super functional when you're at a cocktail party. ;)
Love this, it's so amazing and the fit is a dream.
(I so wish she had some hot red heels to go with this instead of those ankle boots. sigh. I guess that's the fad)

Let me show you guys my scorecard:
How cute that Peach and April came over to help him! Perhaps they wanted anyone but Gretchen to win, but whatever their motive, he certainly owes them!

Loved how this challenge panned out. The worst design went home and the best design won. Sorry to Valerie, for being so close to winning, but if she continues how she's going it will work out for her great and she will make it to Fashion Week for sure.

It was also fierce and fitting that Betsey Johnson was the judge this episode. She really wants clothes to be fun and vibrant and I think a lot of designers got that.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Larger Than Life


Pretty big second (first?) challenge for the designers
Design for the Marie Claire reader and have your look put up in Times square on a 40 foot billboard.

$150 and a day to sew and the designers are set loose.

Jason thinks of Infinity and Nicholas thinks of circles. Raise your hand if you think they're f*****. imes.

With the extra 30 minutes, we get to see a little more of the workroom drama and Gunn-isms. For eample we see Casanova asking sailor boy to help him, "just a simple question" and gets shut down as sailor boy just doesn't have time to pattern make for other people.
Jason is doing infinity, like 8 like Season 8 like crop circles. Where did this guy come from? Is he messing with us? Tim gives him some tough love but Jason thinks he's the "straight guy in a gay man's world...don't be so hard on me" Please girlfriend, that doesn't mean you can get away with sloppy looks.

Gretchen thinks Nicholas is ripping him off. Tim tries to talk him out of the Little Red Riding hood cape to no avail. Oh Nicholas! I'd like you to stick around!

Gretchen and Casanova are "hips buddies" since Casanova lets Gretchen know he "doesn't have boobies" to be bosom buddies.

And now, let's all give Mondo a hug. Poor Mondo and his talent, it keeps him from forming friendships. He always has to create, it's such a curse!
Call the whambulance.

The twist this week is the designers get to do a photo shoot for their look, which I think is a great experience for them. Hopefully they will actually get to do fashion shoots in the future. Some do really well, and some, well some have safety pins in their look and get a glare from the fashion shoot director. Just sayin.

To the Runway!

Boring without trying to be boring. Eh. I just think he needs to try harder, did he really think this was going to win the billboard challenge?
I want to like this look. I think if she had more time this could have been super amazing. However it looks like 2 looks fighting a bit with each other up top and the draping on the boobs is distracting. Maybe because she actually has them and is a model? I dunno.....good choice for safe and on the right track.
I had such a bad reaction to this look when it came out I stepped back (well I was on the couch but I flinched for sure!). It is sewn so strangely, there's weird patches of fabric mish-mashed together to make the skirt and the top and that same strange jowl action up top that she did last week with Mondo's kilt. I would have put this in the bottom!!! This screams out for Heidi to call it "home sewn".
Casanova went 180 this week and went from "prostitute to a nunnery" according to Tim Gunn. This was a little power bitch, but it totally fit the challenge and I like the overall look. Very sleek and sexy and the yellow shoes throw an unexpected flavor to the look. He was apalled that he chose the "disturbing" color of navy blue. I think Casanova is going to be around a while, he is pure reality show entertainment.
I hate boring colors like this in a look. She lost this as soon as she went to Mood. This fabric isn't going to win anything. Yawn yawn safe look.

Well hello. The hair is annoying me, but what a fun look! I would so rock this with a suit jacket. Fun styling and a bold look to go. Maybe it was a little too "STS" for the judges (Short Tight Shiny), or maybe too 90's, but it was one that would get noticed for sure. I wonder if this one was in the running at all. Michael D.
Very simple, yet borderline vulgar look. The fabric choice was unexpected, but overall it is a very simple design and the styling was pretty boring. You can get away with these kinds of looks in the beginning, but later on he could get called out for something barely covering the butt cheeks.

Very officey and safe. The purple stripes up the backside were not placed in an attractive spot on the body. He also did pop over sleeves which was unnecessary for this challenge, since the winner goes on a billboard. I wish more designers had made pants, but the time constraints make that a very risky choice.
AJ knew his look wasn't executed quite right. Somehow Sailor boy is going for Gwen Stefani or Blondie as a bee to a rock show. I feel like he was on the right track to something really great here, bright colors, like the shoes with it and something, again, not a pencil skirt. The dark lipstick make it a little bee costume and A.J. admits she looked like a "pregnant alien" from the side. Curious to see what else he'll do!

Hmmm. This look is perplexing. It definitely looks like something Sarah would make. I think the waist just comes up way way too high. I like pockets on a dress, which she has and she also did a cute matching clutch (too matchy matchy maybe?). I also like the lime shoes with the contrasting magenta. However the whole thing just looks kind of off. What do you think?
The Bottoms:

Peach made 3 looks and this is the one she ended up with. Barbie challenge would have worked ok for this dress. That's it. Someone must love Peach up there in that producers booth, because I would have kicked off Peach instead of Nicholas. This is boring, ugly color, random weirdness in the back and the model looks like a 5 year old. "Amish cocktail" dress indeed.
I almost thought they were still going to keep him on for creepy straight guy factor. However, luckily this guy messed up so bad that there was no way they could keep him and keep their integrity in tact. Safety pins! And not in a funky cool way. Safety pins, because he was going for an infinity look and you know-- there's that little thing that he can't sew. Jason wanted the judges to look past the "the little things" for closures, like safety pins. Although according to the backstage chatter he does great menswear. Hmmm if that's true why in the hell didn't you make some wonderful pants for the Marie Clare challenge? Whatever, I'm so glad I don't have to waste any more space on this douchebag. AUF WEIDERSEHEN!
Ok, a little more time. What an asshole to make all kinds of excuses for his look and then not say goodbye or wait for Tim Gunn. What a jerk.

Last week the judges threatened to kick off my dear sweet Nicholas but his passion for fashion and teary eyes saved him from the axe.
The judges called him out again (although there were worse looks this week!) and said there was too much going on here.
Yes. There is a lot going on here. Granted there are 20 shades of lavender in this look and the skirt IS a weird length and maybe ladies don't wear enough riding hood capes these days. Is that reason enough to kick him off? He needs some editing in his looks but the top looks great on it's own (IGNORE the cut up back) and he's a great sewer and I think they could have kept him around to see what else he could do.
He was so generally upset about kicked off it was heartbreaking.

Oh wow, the lining of the skirt matches the belt. That is a lot going did he have time to make all that???
My absolute favorite! The judges called it "whimsy" and when Mondo and the guest judge had their Mary Tyler Moore bonding moment there I thought he had it in the bag. Sigh. It wasn't meant to be. Love this look all together, completely pulled together and fab. The photo shoot was great.
This one almost won. It's a smart clean look with some great detailing that maybe doesn't show through. Very chic, as Michael Kors would say, but perhaps needed something more? A great bag? A cardigan for day? Maybe not, but it feels like it's not a WOW look.

Designers, zeeeee winner for the second week in a row.
Ok, let's chat shall we?
This is a jumpsuit.
A jumpsuit with a "hello boys" zipper down the front. This will only look good on a stick figure model with no soul. No hips or breasts or any curves allowed in this outfit. It is one of the few designs that wasn't a pencil skirt, so I can see why they were drawn to it, and it did photograph well.'s a jumpsuit. A jumpsuit with ties around the ankles. I don't see this as the win at all. I don't see Marie Claire reader in this. Congrats Gretchen, you have the judges wrapped around your finger.

Have to admit, that is a kick ass billboard. And too bad it wasn't a competition also for the models as well, because that was not Gretchen's model. Apparently they don't have high end models on Project Runway. Oops.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Sew it Begins aka Pants out of Pants

Season 8 is back and Heidi is ready with a new do.

This season, they're going for 90 minute episodes, and got rid of the terrible Models of the Runway show. (Did anyone besides Heidi watch that show???) For an extra half hour, I was hoping to get a little more of the construction process, maybe see more of the designers, because when there's so many, you don't get to see everybody, and when there are less, you know them better and want to see more of them. There was a tiny bit more of that, and more Tim Gunn- always a plus- but there were also additions that we didn't need; more of the hair and makeup time (yawn!) and more of the "behind the scenes" with the designers when they're waiting for the results of their peers (yawn!). The opening felt like there were more time to learn more about the designers and they meet up Real World style before they make it to Grand Central (instead of Bryant Park). Besides that, Tim and Heidi "dished" a bit on the designers, but there wasn't anything eye-opening. McKell has a newborn baby, so Heidi thinks she must "want this very bad". Thanks Heidi. There was also a bit more of the judging process, but last night's was a bit of a joke, so I almost felt like the producers told them, "Hey we want to keep these characters on, so please justify why you're keeping them on, kthxbye".

The designers arrive before Mr. Gunn and Frau Klum with their luggage still with them. Yeah, you should know something is up. Then they are told that they are still in the audition process and they are not all going to be on the show. Welllll yeah someone gets kicked off every show, even the FIRST episode, so since when are they supposed to feel safe anyway? The designers panic and already they seem like a bunch of whiners.

They are told to take one item out of their luggage to use in a design. Gee, what would you pick from your luggage to incorporate into a design? I know, my $1,070 jeans THAT I'VE NEVER WORN. The designers are told sadistically by Heidi, that they need to pass the item to their neighbor to use. More whining from the designers and only 5 hours to complete the look! One or more designers were going to be kicked off, so the designers were quivering in their boots. With only 5 hours to work on their looks, you can imagine the stress levels and necessary short cuts that were taken...ahem, staples. I'm amazed Tim could still get around to chat with them during that time. Some people really went for it and completely took apart the garment, and some, well.....some made Pants out of Pants.

As for the group, we have the older one, the younger one, the over-confident one, the Puerto Rican guy who goes by only Casanova, and enough gay boys to keep this show going. The straight guy that keeps reminding you that he's straight by saying how tough he is and how distracted he is by boobies....and then sews with a corset utility belt (ok, how cool was that? I WANT). Then there are the forgettable ones. At this early stage it's hard to keep track of all the designers.

The models are taken to hair and makeup and some of the designers have probably not had the opportunity before to use professional hair and makeup teams with their designs. I'm sure I would be just as bewildered as Peach!

This week's guest judge is Selma Blair. Michael and Nina are back. They showed a lot more of the designer reactions to the show and gave us subtitles so we could know what they were commenting on. As soon as the one girl watching the runway show said the bag was "perfect" for the look, didn't we all KNOW it was gonna get called out as b-a-d!

Let's "Carry on" shall we? 17 designers on a super shiny runway to judge!

The designers that were automatically "IN"

A.J.Well, this is something I would love to rock and would have loved to see in the top, but I know it's too costumey for the judges, but it didn't go so far that the judges called him out on it. Well played A.J.

AndyAndy channeled a little Christian Siriano for his look. I almost thought the judges were going to love or hate this, but again it was safe. I'm amazed he could put this whole look together in 5 hours! He will be one to watch so far. Love the back of this look!

Christopher He went with a good game plan for the first challenge: Do something simple and safe, not too hideous but cover the bases and let the frantic designers over-work and fail on their own!


She got Mondo's kilt, and did something you wouldn't expect to do with it. However, I think the bottom portion is just too heavy a look. I thought I was watching the potato sack challenge.

Michael C.

I like how the top is constructed, and I'm certainly not against the skirt per se, but it's bordering on streetwalker. I'm also unsure of what she's carrying, I didn't see her wear it.

Michael D.
Eh. Similar game plan, make it safe and not too hideous and slip past the first elimination. It's not bad but for some reason I'm thinking the elves in Lord of the Rings would love this.

MondoMondo had the green jacket. I'm almost surprised this didn't get called out on the styling, since it was such an important thing to the judges this episode. The way he mixed the green with the print made the girl look pretty wide.

Clean, well made look in 5 hours, she's in for sure. Very fresh looking. It remains to be seen how much this "hells to the yeah" older designer does in the future.

SarahI like this. It seemed a tad uncomfortable to wear...but maybe that's just me. Love the overall look. Simple and young.

ValerieThe boob flaps bother me and it seems like there is a LOT going on here. However, you can see that she should be on the show and it seems like she can crank things out pretty quickly.

Winner was Gretchen:

They thought it was sophisticated, great styling and Selma Blair loved it. I'm not sold on it as the winner, also it was called the clear winner, no one else made it to the top. I'm bored, let's move on to the bottoms.

AprilApril's look was intriguing coming down the runway, and from far away it looked kind of cool! Upon closer inspection, it did look terribly unfinished. But hey....5 hours? I wonder what they could have done in a full day. April claimed she wanted it to look unfinished. Nina said she looked like an "80's street walker".

Judges thought it was boring. I thought this should have been safe. Yeah not exciting but he really went for something that would look beautiful. He was so cute and seemed like he was so intent on staying on the show during judging and I was rooting for him instantly.


"Odd". "Mother of the bride belly dancer". "Sexaholic conservative".
"Pole dancer in Dubai". Michael Kors covered it. Carry on.

IvyPants out of pants. Ivy had Peach's pants and she didn't do much with them, and then makes some loose maternity style top. The hoop earring just killed Michael Kors. Nina just bitch slapped Ivy's ego. Ivy has already started talking in the third person, and with how much they showed her on camera I knew she was not going to be kicked off.

After Heidi called this out as what she wears when she gets her hair did, that's all I can see now. Jason had the luxury of getting a decent amount of fabric from a kimono and he turns the freakin thing backwards and staples it and ties a sash around it? I guess he knew that his hat* would protect him and he was right. Selma sort of defended the outfit, but perhaps she figured he would be auf'd and she wouldn't be too mean.

Obviously he should have been kicked off and was obviously saved because he's more of a character. I guess we shall see what happens next week. Epic fail.

*Jason said in the beginning of the episode he would intimidate the competition with his hat like Roman soldiers. No lie. An army hat you ask? No, a bowler hat.

McKell is the one that "really wanted it" according to Heidi because she left a 9 month old baby at home. Sadly, she is the one to first be auf'd. Was this the worse design on the runway? No. Was it the worst constructed? No. Was McKell enough of a "character" to stay? No. There you go.

Judges what do you think?
"Disco apron" with "side cleavage". -Michael
"Butt ugly"- Heidi


It's always tough to be the first one kicked off and McKell's face when she saw that the judges threatened to kick others off but didn't was super sad. Tim Gunn had actually liked the look but admitted that it didn't fit the model well and the styling was off.

Auf weidersehen McKell.