Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Finale: Part 1

I'm not sure how I stayed awake for the finale episode that does not involve the runway show.

Oh yeah, this happened:

And then this happened....

Tim in an apron? What is L.A. done to our Tim? Flip flops? Bootie shakin??? Aprons? I do declare!

Oh yeah, then this happened:

I'm not sure what's going on there. Carry On.....

Tim, of course, visits each designer to check up on them. From what I can tell from these visits, Irina does have the strongest collection out of the 3. Looks can be deceiving though....

A couple more Project Runway firsts: They didn't need to have a decoy at Bryant Park, because when Fashion Week happened, the show was still in Legal Purgatory and had not been aired. This also meant, that when the designers met up in New York, they hadn't seen the behind the scenes interviews and any other cattiness they can be pissed about for weeks. So all we got was thisA whole lot of nothing.

Oh, the biggest drama was that Carol Hannah was sick and hadn't arrived on the first day.

But then she did arrive and was "sick". Girl, you are not sick. You are stressed to the core!

Then the designers get a visit from Tim and Heidi with the sorting hat and guess what? Yeah, we knew they'd have a 13th look to design, but apparently these 3 have never seen the show before.

Oh yeah, and these 3 show up:

Those shit-eating grins say something like: I'm contractually obligated to help you and I love the screen time, but I'm gonna make your life hell if I can because you made it and I didn't. Or something like that.....

We knew Miss Perky Blonde was going to pick Logan (wait, which one is which???) and Irina was going to pick Gordana. So that left Christopher with the other blonde girl.

Tune in the for the final finale next week, when Tim loses his shiz and CH has a breakdown! Oh yeah, and we see those black and gray collections.

"It's too much black"

Or, as Heidi would say "Byyyyeeee....."

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