Monday, August 16, 2010

It's a Party

Finally, an unconventional materials challenges!!

Heidi tells the designers that they are going to see Tim for a party. Luckily they know this doesn't mean party for fun. Tim takes them to a party store where they are given $100 at Glitters and 30 minutes to shop.

Senor Gunn also reminds them that making a dress out of a tablecloth is just lame and the judges will call them out for it. Some designers are super excited, running around the store and some are just spazzing out. Casanova can't make a look with, how you say? bullshit. So he grabs tablecloths. Let's flashback to 2 minutes ago, when Tim said the judges won't like it if you use tablecloths. Oh yeah, and he grabs some plush puppies(?). Meanwhile, the amazing, self-proclaimed "force to be reckoned with" Gretchen is looking pretty stressed. She can't seem to find any organic party supplies that biodegrade. The question is: are they editing Gretchen to be the bitch or is she really that annoying?

Well looky here, Gretchen is going around the room having "coffee talk" with the other designers and talking about their designs and making opinions. Honey, you are not Tim Gunn, and apparently you are that annoying.

Poor A.J. is so pressured to make something amazing because everyone is expecting him to rock this challenge. I have to say I would probably be the A.J. of the show in the sense that I would be incessantly talking my way through the challenge to combat the stress of the situation. Plus I would be singing songs, but it is early on in the season.

Later on, Tim and Kristin get giddy over animal woolly balls. Tim prefers the woolly balls. Hmmmm, let's carry on shall we?

Apparently, Tim's pink shirt and tie are making him FEISTY tonight. After the woolly balls Tim calls Peach uptight. And then orders her to make a diamond out of the coal up her ass. Gasp! Are they supposed to be designing or making jewelry?

The twist this challenge is the models bring over a "goodie" bag of more random stuff that they have to make an accessory for their outfit with. Panic ensues. Designers, you just need to make it work! Take that coal up your ass and make some accessories!

Seeing the workroom I'm so excited for the runway!!!

Super cute and dare I say, whimsy. Certainly not the winner but an overall fun outfit. He may be my favorite.
I actually don't hate this. I hated it in the workroom and I thought she was going to crash and burn, but out here it looks bright and youthful. I hate the clogs but luckily I don't notice them too much with all the colors going on.

Hmmmm. I think of what Tim said to Peach earlier: "This is the party challenge! This is no time to be safe!" This looks like shattered glass according to my daughter. I have to agree and it looks like a dress not party favors. The bottom is not so great, it looks like she's using the black tights to blend the bottom of that, but considering the trickiness of working with these materials, it was probably a smart way to go.
I'm curious what Michael used to make this dress. It looks quite bulky and shaped weirdly, but it's a nice safe effort.
Well well well. Peach took Tim's advice to heart and did great here! The craziness of the bottom half is balanced with the demure type top. The matching handbag is great too. Finally Peach did the challenge properly, it was worth getting chastised by Tim in the workroom. Ivy
Another bulky look. It just looks so heavy and she basically glued stuff to muslin. I won't be sad when Ivy is gone, I don't feel she's very creative at all.

Tim thought this was stunning. It took me back to the garbage challenge of a previous season. I mean, it looks like he's trying to make something pretty out of ugly materials. Party supplies are not ugly, they're gawdy. I just feel it was a weak effort.

Wow. This reminds me of the garbage challenge too. Bulky, not that creative and the accessory is lame. I hope he can step it up in the future.

You look at this and you just think Heatherette or maybe Betsy Johnson? I'm so glad Betsy had something nice to say about his look. He went for it! Yeah, the necklaces in the crotch area were not the best choice (Wendy Pepper's Gristedes challenge or Emilio's hardware challenge?) but I felt it was wrong to call him out to the bottom when he really embraced this challenge. Perhaps the overall design is not very ambitious and it does look like a lot of crap was thrown on, but it's wild and seems like "party". I would have put Michael's weak silver and blue look in the bottom instead.

As soon as this came out of Michael Kors' mouth, that's when I knew, they can't kick the 'Nova off, Michael's getting comic gold with this guy and he can't stop now!
Gawdy and slightly disturbing. Luckily Sarah's look was really the absolute worst one. Even with Casanova's charm, he won't be around for much longer. The whole concept of the show and the challenges seem absolutely bewildering to him.

Oh Sarah. While watching this episode I was just thinking how much I like Sarah and how I hoped she would make it pretty far. Alas, she knew what she was making was hideous, but she just couldn't stop herself. She got this palm tree thing in her head and wouldn't admit that it was going to be the death of her. This is clearly the worst look of the week.
Still, I hate to see her leave. Auf Weidersehen Sarah. I wish you luck out there!

This came out and I just thought, hey she did good on this challenge. Yeah, she's super annoying to listen to, but she is good at what she does. I love the skirt idea and she made a "look" as opposed to a dress. For me, the boots are so distracting, it's what I mostly see when I look at this. Props for making a wearable 3 piece look. This is meant to be a design show and it's not about who the "nicest" designer is. Except that Seth Aaron was the nicest designer and he was also the most talented last season.
Chic, sexy and, as Betsey Johnson said, super functional when you're at a cocktail party. ;)
Love this, it's so amazing and the fit is a dream.
(I so wish she had some hot red heels to go with this instead of those ankle boots. sigh. I guess that's the fad)

Let me show you guys my scorecard:
How cute that Peach and April came over to help him! Perhaps they wanted anyone but Gretchen to win, but whatever their motive, he certainly owes them!

Loved how this challenge panned out. The worst design went home and the best design won. Sorry to Valerie, for being so close to winning, but if she continues how she's going it will work out for her great and she will make it to Fashion Week for sure.

It was also fierce and fitting that Betsey Johnson was the judge this episode. She really wants clothes to be fun and vibrant and I think a lot of designers got that.

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