Monday, March 10, 2014

I got to bag it up

This one was a challenge. This one stumped me.  This is one I am very happy to finish! 

About a year ago, DJ Tripp asked for a custom messenger bag. 
Ok, I thought. 
"It would be special messenger bag that can hold records" he said. 
O…K….. I thought. 
"It would be able to hold 45s in a pocket too" he said.
Of course….. I thought.
"It would be sturdy enough to hold a laptop" he said.
"The cover would be houndstooth, than it would have an alternating fabric on the side and adjustable straps" he said.
"You better draw me a picture" I replied.

I haven't made anything without a pattern at this point. I thought about making a custom pattern and sewing up a prototype. I didn't get as far as I wanted. I searched the internet for similar bags, to no avail. I even considered paying someone on Etsy to make the bag.

Then one day, fabric, a strap, buttons, strap attachments and a strange messenger bag pattern appeared at my sewing area.  

"It's gonna be like this, but without the patchwork, and big enough to hold records and no back pocket."

The supplies sat there for a while. 

I didn't know how I was going to adjust an existing pattern that much. I didn't know where to begin with drafting my own. In the end, I got a new pattern that I felt comfortable with and just adjusted it an inch around to ensure that records would fit inside. One day I will be confident in my skills to draft patterns. I have been reading about it and there are some great resources out there. However, I also think just getting more sewing under my belt will teach me some techniques to add. 

Here's the pattern I used:
The nice things about Amy Butler patterns: they are on paper-not tissue and the instructions are relatively easy to follow…  Lesson learned on this project: buy more fabric than you will think you will need (or make sure the person buying fabric does) and/or make sure you finish it in a timely manner. I ended up buying more brown canvas to finish the bag and by the time I went to Hart's the particular brown was discontinued. 

Since I've been told these are too long, I will just finish off with some pictures. 
General schematics, the bag ended up slightly different in the end.


It's sturdy! It includes a front pocket, an inside hanging pocket with zipper, and another inside utility/pen pocket, a front flap with inside zipping pocket and adjustable straps.

I think he likes it!

Gratuitous record collection shot.

Now, it is time for a bag hiatus. On to clothes!

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