Thursday, January 28, 2010

Mo' money, Mo' problems

The challenge begins with the designers at Metropolitan Museum of Art around famous couture.

The designers are given an unprecedented $500, 45 minutes to spend at Mood and 2 days. I have a feeling that less parameters and more time to think is actually going to result in less innovation and more second guessing. I hope that at least every other week, will be working with non-traditional materials. Burlap Sacks: Part Deux anyone?

The first catch is that it's a team challenge, so you know there's going to be fabric and 'tudes flying. It's so dangerous to be the team leader in PR World, you're partner can throw you under the fashion bus and some designers don't play nice with others.

They have to feel wanted again this week, as teams are chosen. No one really wants to work with Ping, who dances to her own drum, or with Anna, who doesn't have the experience. challenge and a lot of moula....who smells a second look at the last moment? Not the designers, who have obviously never seen the show!?! The hard part for the spoiled designers, is that this second look will only cost 10% of the first one, or $50. Just to make it even more interesting and frustrating, it has to be inspired by another team's look.

The formula of Tim coming around and looking at designs that are not finished and lookin' like a tranny mess while Tim spouts his words of wisdom doesn't get old for me, nor does the designers scrambling at the last moment either. I do wish they could show a little more of the construction of the garments. I think that would be entertaining and educational, if done correctly.

To the Runway we go......

Team "Don't mess with the Jesus"

The Signature Look

Very sexy and alluring look. They did a fish tail style bottom, but it really worked. Retro style glamour for the win! (Or the safe....)

The Second Look, inspired by Ping's look. I was hoping this would make it to the Hi/Lo portion, just so I could hear how Michael Kors felt about the elastic waist! Are those (gasp!) allowed???

Team Yawn

The Signature Look:
Yawn. What is this inspired from again? An office worker?

The Second Look, inspired by Mila's look. I don't know. See my thoughts on Mila's original look. From there, this is an affordable, simpler look from the signature. If just as boring as the first one.

Team Papa

The Signature Look

Yawn again. What's with the office worker looks? I swear, these kids do better with a burlap sack than $500 smackaroos. What gives?

The Second Look, inspired by Maya's look. I guess the symmetry vs. asymmetry is what they were going for. I just see a cute simple dress that didn't take them too much time or money to make. Which seems like they fulfilled the challenge.

Team Whaaaa?

The Signature Look:
Ok. So, I am by no means a fashion expert; I never claimed to be. I do this blog strictly for fun, because I'm so obsessed with the show, and I need to get my thoughts out. I feel so dumb when I see Mila's looks. This is the 3rd week in a row, and I just....don't get it. I don't understand why this was supposed to be soooo amazing. I get it, it's pants. It's sportswear. I'm usually behind something a little different. But, it looks like a penguin tracksuit! I can say that this looks like Mila. This is a great compliment, considering this is only their 3rd challenge.

The second look, inspired by Anthony's signature. Yeah, that's a babydoll. Did you hear how Michael said babydoll dress? I hope he had a barf bag nearby. This was just such a boring way to copy the signature, there's not much else I can say. However, the judges award Mila the win.

Jay Nicolas
Team Fierce

The Signature Look:


I was ready to hand them the win after this came out. Not only did I like the look, but the model MADE me look at it. Minions, you will stare at the fierce fabness of this gown and you will like it!!!!

Second look, inspired by Janeane's look. Ok, I understand that the judges thought this looked better made and more expensive than the original look, but, didn't they still copy it? I mean, the whole point was to do an inspired, affordable look, not out-do the original for cheaper. Still, overall I feel they did a better job than Mila and Jonathon. Oh well, it was close.

Seth Aaron
Team Odd Couple

The Signature Look:
Mr. Kors called this the "Catillion Prom dress from hell". Anthony looked so confused if this was meant to be a compliment or insult. Hmmmm

At first I wasn't sure why the judges hated this Seocnd Look so much.


What's going on with the boobies there? Heidi just ran backstage to grab her a bra.

The funny thing is, Emilio called Ping and Jesse "Lucy and Ricky" but honestly Seth Aaron and Anthony were more like a married couple, with how they were taunting each other and Anthony telling Seth to not act up "in front of company".

Team Lucy and Ricky

The Signature Look:

The statue of liberty, according to Ping. Oh my Ping. Yeah, I don't quite get this either. I'm sorry my dahling, but you have to do some styling (and um some sewing!), it can't all be draped yards and yards of fabric. Still, I love me some Ping.

The second look, inspired by Emilio's look. Wait, that looks like Megan Fox a little....oh and now she speaks....and she has foot-in-mouth syndrome just like Megan Fox. Yeah, we get it, Ping didn't fit you -this is not a surprise, she fits clothes on herself. However, nobody puts Ping in a corner! You are the model, I don't want to hear you, I want to see you work- that- look.

Oh Ping. Ping who could barely leave the house with her shoes on. She didn't use a dress form and she almost lost $500 at Mood. (I think Santino could have made an amazing song about Ping.) Last season, the crazies got kicked off so early it was a snoozefest. The world needs a few Blaynes, Elisas and Suedes to bring some color.

Sadly, Ping had to go.

P.S.: How cute was the little moment between Ping and Anthony in the workroom?

Carry On!


  1. I loved what you said about the winning design, because I thought the exact same thing - penguin (track) suit! I just don't get why they loved the penguin suit and hated ping's. they kept talking about how impractical Ping's dress was, but where on earth would you wear the penguin suit? I mean really!

  2. Agreed. I just felt like I was watching the Emperor walk out naked and just didn't get it. Also their second design...come on!