Friday, July 27, 2012

Finale Part 2

aka Why I am not invested in Project Runway anymore

Season 10 started last week and I realized with a little guilt that I never finished off Season 9 for my blog. I thought about deleting it all.  I know that I don't want to continue my blog but I felt like I should at least finish off what I started. Perhaps leaving the show and then coming back would change my perception.

So I re-watched it and realized I still don't care.  My goal this season is to sew my own things.  Today I had the first episode of Season 10 on as background while I worked and was not interested enough in the show to find it distracting.

Here are my quick two cents on each collection...

Lots of bold colors, not much of anything super new.  The white pieces thrown in were distracting for me. Good job, but it seems like she needs more time discovering what her style is.

He was all over the place. He did do a lot of different separates which makes it a bit more fun but most looks did not seem flattering at all.

I was a huge fan of his theme and style. I thought his collection was the most cohesive and looked the most expensive and had a great range of different pieces.

Many of her clothes have a nice movement and flow to them and there is a market for beach resort wear clothing.  Otherwise there was not much diversity to her clothes and I found it very convenient that they got $500 extra after Anya had 2 very hideous looks that she clearly needed to pull from her collection to come even close to winning.

After they announce Anya as the winner, I find that I am not upset by it the second time around.  It was so obvious from many episodes ago that the producers were going to do whatever it took to get her to the finale and after spending so much effort and episode tweaking, if they had not given Anya the win it would have been even more ridiculous.

If you read this blog and don't already follow Tom and Lorenzo's, you really need to! I read their posts about the show without seeing the new Season and they are so funny and sharp I was more entertained than when I heard the actual show in the background.  LUV THEM!

I miss the first 4 seasons of Project Runway, I may rewatch those and enjoy my old friends while I work on learning how to create my own pieces.

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