Monday, October 24, 2011

Finale Part 1

Ok deeeeeesignahs, you are in for the finale. Wait, you are ALMOST in, we are going to (hopefully) kick someone off before a final twist (I'm sure) and then the Final Runway Show.

What a waste of my time.Raise your hand if you DIDN’T think they were going to keep all 4 after all? I thought so from the first moment, but then what about when Tim did the home visits and Anya hadn’t sewn one item to show Tim? Who are we kidding? It was only going to be 3 designers if someone besides Anya or Josh had failed in their looks worse than them.

I do actually like the home visits. It’s nice to see the designers in their home element; they always look healthier and happier at home. Interesting that all of them had a “death” story to tell. See Josh, you are not the only one with sadness.

The thing I will say about this episode, the judging was the best it has been all season. This season, the
judges have been so catty and mean and contradicting at every turn. It has really turned me off of the show,
among their choices for favorites and un-favorites. This night, they really seemed to be giving honest critique to them about what they did and didn’t like. I hope the designers are smart and take their advice

The obvious front runner was Viktor.
How cool was the gasps when he took that leather jacket out? I agree, his zippered outer skirt was too much with the top, I think he will listen and not have them together on the runway. The judges critiques were mostly nitpicky, but will only help him when it counts. Out of this final group, he is my favorite. He may be the one to beat in the final runway show, unless he just does too much technique.

Josh’s looks were kind of weird, but I knew the judges were going to think it was enough to keep him. The black cocktail dress was so lame, I don’t know why he chose this to show for his mini collection, except maybe to prove that his whole collection is not filled with the cray cray. I just don't see anything very amazing or fashion forward here. It will also be interesting to see how much he listened to Tim for his final collection.

I like the direction Kimberly was going with her looks, well except that pink skirt. God that pink skirt. I don’t mind the bubble butt, in fact I’m totally down with it, but the front! The front makes me cry. It was so weird and disproportionate and yikes. Honey can we get rid of that thing or what? I liked where she was going with the styling, the judges are just haters. I can’t wait to see all of her looks together. I’m glad she made it. Let's face it, there have been quite a few black designers in the finals, but none have won. If you look in the fashion world, there is still not much diversity, period.

Anya’s collection. I don’t care what anyone says, this is straight up crack smoking that got her to the finals. If they were going to send all 4, which they were, then why waste the time? Listen, if any one else had sent that gold dress down the runway, in any challenge, they would have been laughed off the stage. Do you hear me? It's ill fitting, sewn terribly and has no interesting design. It's a disgrace. Ok the print dress is cute, but what is it without that belt cinching it all in? The bathing suit was so unflattering I couldn’t handle it.

That. Gold. Dress. Get it out of my sight!

This season has been a joke. It's now a reality show with some sewing. I won't be blogging about the show again after this season. Last season we could see it was really falling apart, but there was some good work making it down the runway. I loved Mondo, but the judges were so fixated on Gretchen they couldn't even see his work. Which all in all was fine, he wasn't stuck with all the rules that come with winning the prize. However we could already tell the show was doing bad, I don't think I even finished blogging last season.

I was willing to give it another chance because it is one of my absolute favorite shows, I really enjoy watching Tim Gunn interact with the designers. When the judges give good critiquing, they are also great. Sometimes you would get a fun guest judge or challenge and it's so fun. This season we didn't get really any of that. The difference between the bottom and top looks were so minuscule the judges were making up stuff to justify what they were doing. It seemed like the producers have had a heavy hand in who went home and who stayed. The challenges were just strange and I have barely been watching each episode.

Do I care who wins the whole thing? At this point, no. I'd like to see it be Kimberly or Viktor, but it won't be shocking if neither of them wins. Be prepared for them to have to make a last look this week, they almost always have to.

Am I going to watch Project Runway All Stars? Most definitely, it will be great to see designers that can actually produce great work. I won't need to be that invested, because if these designers aren't doing well by now, it's their own fault, not the judges this time.

Project Runway, I'm sorry but you're Out.

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  1. I think that All Stars will be great. But it could be interesting to see what Lifetime does with it. These ARE designers that we know and love (or hate), but we know they can design, as you said -- SO, will the producers still manage to turn it into a "Real World" drama show? (I can't remember if you cited this season as being Real World-ish or if it was T-Lo.)