Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Run For Cover

This week the designers had the "unprecedented" (since last week or last season, Tim?) challenge of designing for a celebrity! Finally the designers get to design for Heidi Samuel nee Klum. I have suggested they design for her! And, to sell more editions of Marie Clare, they are designing an outfit for a Spring issue that Heidi will wear on the cover of "marryclaire magazeen"!

So, designing for Heidi, check.
Designing something with color, check.
Be careful of prints and make the action happen up top, where it will be seen, check.
Make it a Spring look, check.

Not much to say about the design room except, wow, Mila is becoming this season's Irina.

On to the Runway!

Oh dear, here's Maya's look. It's sewn very badly, the colors are too washed out for a cover and I'm not feeling the prominent V action in the front. Wow, just bad all around. I guess it was Spring enough and they liked that bib collar enough to save her from the bottom 3.

Jonathan was so proud of his look, as usual. I actually am kind of feeling this look. It's got that 70's vibe, in a good way. It's something a little different, it just doesn't quite work for this challenge. And I'm not sure I can see Heidi in it.

Jay loved the way this moved on the runway and so did I. I liked the print too, it had faint stripes. He's close....there's action up top. But the pale color and bridal style just doesn't work either.

Amy is fresh off the last win and has immunity. She went with a print, which they said you should avoid....and I'm not sure about the doo-dad on the chest area. Yeah, there's something going on up top, but it is needed for this look?

Jesse designed a very Heidi look this week. I could definitely see her in this, and he used color, which for some reason most of the other designers shied away from, when it was mentioned in the instructions for the challenge. Did Mood hide all the colored fabric? Jesse's look could have been in the top 3.

Seth Aaron makes another rockin' look. This is a fun one, and how in the hell does he make these looks in 1 day??? However the color is not so much Spring and maybe too much coverage for our Heidi.

The top 3 looks this week:

I have no idea why this look by Emilio made it to the top 3, I think. The judges didn't like the string things hanging off the dress (agreed!). I also didn't like how ice skater style this was. It was chosen as top 3, I think, but they literally had Emilio alter his dress on the runway! That was new for sure..... I don't think Heidi would fit into the top of the dress....just saying...
I'm convinced this dress was chosen because it's red and Heidi wears a lot of red.

Ben comes out of his shell and creates this eye popping look. This says color, design up top and Spring. As for Heidi wearing it, well I'm not sure. The problem I had with this look, was that the belt was a big part of the look, and I don't think he made it. I could be wrong! Very close second this week.

Anthony FTW! This Alabama beauty queen nails the challenge with a blue look that's Heidi length to boot. Great color and well sewn. Congrats to Anthony!

The judges bottom 3 looks:

Mila probably thought she was on the runway for a winning look, but she thought wrong! Her model is dressed in a drab look. Mila thought it was more of a peach color. Michael Kors rolls his eyes and calls the top a jog bra. Ouch! Her model has a Mila type haircut and stance, but it's just not flossing with the judges....must be that prominent V thing....
Janeane was trying to evoke the ocean waves with her look....but the judges heard an empty shell. Poor Janeane is on very thin ice on this show and really needs to step up her game if she's gonna last much longer. This look is heavy, white and so not Heidi it's not even funny. Janeane is saved for one more week.

Anna, oh Anna. I kind of thought you were Janeane this whole time, but found out this week that Janeane is someone else. Anna, I didn't get to know you much, and you're going out on a shorts look. Kudos for going with something besides a dress! And there was kind of a Spring-ish color going on there....

This look is even less Heidi and why oh why would you even think of doing pin-striped black short shorts with a pale blue tank and a vest? This is a confused look and sadly, Anna is out.

So look for Anthony's look on Ms. Samuel soon in Marie Clare!

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