Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Little Bit of Fashion

This week the designers are scared shitless

They have $50 and one day to make a fashionable outfit for a girl aged 6-9 years old. Of course, there's a twist, and this one is they get one extra day, but they need to make another garment to compliment the children's look for their model to wear. Off to Mood with $100 and can I just say, this season is so much more interesting than last season! Even Mood is more entertaining. A random dog runs by and Jay wears short shorts.

This episode is a clear homage to Janeane and her tears. Are you trying to tell us something Lifetime?

After the girls gravitate toward Anthony and run around driving everyone crazy, it's off to the runway!

Maya's kid look is fine, nothing exciting, maybe a bit too young for a girl this age. I do not like the model's look. The pants scare me. I like that she made pants, but why is there that weird tie thing on there and a zipper? And what mom is going to wear something showing her mid-drift?

Emilio's kid look on it's own is terrible, and with the model "mom" look, well, it's pink. It's so country club trophy wife in that pink color. I guess he felt stuck using pink, because of the kid's look. I think the design of this would show through more in a richer color.

I will say this about Mila: you know which one are her designs as soon as they walk down the runway. The children look is fine, but I am just not into the model's look. I think that the judges are going to be sick of her color blocking really soon.

Ben's looks are safe. Nothing much to say here, except that he hasn't seen children's clothing in a while.

I like Anthony's child look, very cute. I think the model "mom" look is blah. Why is it a top and a bottom and not one dress? And if he had the need to do seperates, why not different colors? I don't know, something is missing there.

The judges' Tops:

Jesse did a beautiful red wool coat with a matching gray red dress. His two looks went together the best. A definite top 3
Is that the same black belt from Ben's cover look last week? Using that Bluefly accessory wall thoughtfully are we?

Jay's looks were fun and chic. I love the kid look here, the colors are great and the pockets are very fun-ctional. I'm not completely sold on the model's look. She does look pretty fresh, but the skin peeking out between the top and bottom is not something I enjoy.

Seth Aaron's looks have arrived. What's that? It's Gwen Stefani on the phone and she wants to buy this right NOW. God that jacket is hot. When I saw that jacket, I just knew he had to be the winner. The kids look is the best designed as well; he is the only one that really understood what little girls would want to wear. How cute was that hoodie? Nailed it. Win!

The judges' Bottoms:

Is this what Jonathan meant when he said "unleash the crazy"? Eek, put it back, put it back! I didn't hate this when it first came out, but the more and more it stood on the runway, it was like a train wreck. The children look is really bad. Just, why? Do kids scare him this much? And, like Michael, I see where he was going with the model look, he just didn't make it to the station. None of these fabrics work here.

Amy's looks are a bold statement. The child look here is actually what a girl would wear: lots of layers. I like the skirt, and the sweater is fun. The tucked in shirt and leggings don't quite work, but she's on the right track. And how cute was her little model? She was so trusting of Amy. The model's look is out there. Again, she was on the right track, it just didn't get executed properly. This reminds me of Kit's avant garde look, the hoop skirt that looked like a quilt; good idea, just didn't quite make it. I really thought the pants were a skirt, and in that sense they weren't bad. It seems like she started out with the petal idea and the petals became a bigger thing than the look itself, and it almost got her kicked off.
P.S.: Blue and Orange do go together, they're complimentary colors, so says the color wheel.

Oh Janeane. When we first saw you cry on episode 1, mere minutes after being on the show, we knew you weren't going to last long.

As far as these looks go, they're not super bad. Yes, they got called "mall looks on the discount rack", but look at the top on the model-it's totally cute. Ok, the pants and jacket aren't great, and that coral color is kind of irritating....but the child's look is kind of "whimsy" as the judges were so obsessed with wanting. It's certainly more whimsy than some of the other girly girl looks a few of the other designers did. Alas, it was a week when normally this may have been safe, but everyone else did pretty good this week. So, it has now become your time.
Oh, and Michael, don't tell me how much a child's outfit cost, but guess what, it's not $10.

Janeane, we're sorry, but you're Out. I hope you get some confidence and maybe some training, because you do have a youthful point of view. Remember girl, you finally got to make that red romper that you were so jealous of as a kid.

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