Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Can't We All Just Get Along?

Short answer: No.

Here's all you need to know about this episode, so you don't have to watch it....

Betsey Johnson shows up to talk about their challenge which involves a team challenge (uh oh) making a 5 look fashion show with their own background movie. They are also going to making their own prints to use in at least 3 of the looks.

Josh is still a jerk. And dresses like a figure skater.

Team "Nuts and Bolts", self named, are so dysfunctional Tim has a mini therapy session with them. They stood in a circle and held hands. More uh oh....

This boring look by Anya "the model" and" judges' favorite" won the challenge.

Viktor, who has been quite consistent and made this sharp look, did not win. Perhaps his model is holding him back from wins. Yikes, why is she so sour? Would it kill ya to stand up straight in a gown?

Poor Becky goes home. She seemed to really get torn down week after week either by the judges or Joshua. Unfortunately I feel like she's better than this and just couldn't perform under these circumstances. She also got used on more than one occasion for her sewing skills.

Spare yourself all the drama of a team challenge and skip to the next week: boob obsessed men "helping" the designers make a look for their partner.

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