Friday, September 2, 2011

The Art of the Matter

I don't even know anymore.

Is there any glimmer of talent on here? Am I missing it or are the challenges just so lame that they aren't able to shine?

I don't know if I liked any of the designs from the challenge. I guess I'm comparing it to Season 4, when they did an avant garde challenge, there was some amazing things that came down that runway. sigh. The judges aren't helping. I never know if someone is going to be in the top or bottom until Heidi announces it.

For some reason they absolutely gushed over Mr. Meanie himself Josh's look:

I'm sorry, judges, you like orange and brown together or you hate it? Because if you thought Fallene's look was too Fall pumpkin for you, what's your reasoning on this? I hate this look from the netting on her head and hideous lipstick down to her brown boots that go with her tree trunk skirt. Just no.

And don't get me started on him playing the mom card after being a total douchebag the week before.

Anthony Ryan won the challenge, but not because the guest judge, Kenneth Kole
thought he was the best:

I can see how the judges would like this look, it flowed and looked pretty great when it first walked out onto the runway. I love her hair and overall look together. However, when this dress just stood there on the runway it looked just as bad a craft project as most of them did. The judges seemed to like the looks that had the absolute most literal interpretation of their painting.

Oh honey. This is a cry for help. Is there some reason he heard avant garde look and made a mental patient look? Why can I see her g-string? Why does she have that hair? Why does he do the weird foldy beige looks?

I can't get past his changing accent and sullen looks he puts down the runway. This could have been an out; Olivier had the happiest painting and ended up making the saddest look of all.

Say what you will about Bert's look: shapes gone crazy, pregnancy chic, some nightmare I had in the 80's come to life. However, this is a look
you can't stop looking at and was memorable right? Wrong era for avant garde in 2011, but he did know at least what he was doing, and that was playing with silhouette and perceived fashion. Yes he fell short, but he was on the right track.

Other people I thought that were almost there and just needed a little more something something or some better




Eh....failed Gaga wannabe? Etsy fashion? I didn't think of Becky as boring, but this is boring.

Oh Josh C.....

Everyone thought you had the most amazing painting and artistically yes, it was. However you were damned if you did and damned if you didn't. Had you made this more wolf-like, it would have been called costumey. Since you didn't they were bored and called it a waitress dominatrix look. It was Josh's first and last time at Mood. Was he brought back to be a martyr so that precious Olivier could stay? Sorry Josh, we hardly knew ya....twice. Too bad you didn't go out as a full on wolf. Awwwwwooooo to you Josh.

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