Friday, September 30, 2011

Image is Everything

I love Adam Lambert but I don't think he added anything to this challenge. Good idea but I don't remember anything profound.

Also, how much do you wish that Seth Aaron had done this challenge?

Let's Carry On....

The previous week the designers were tricked into thinking they had to design menswear.


This challenge they really did have to do menswear.

The designers watch The Sheepdogs, aka Most Patient Band Ever, perform their Creedence style music and talk about what they like to wear. The designers are split into two "teams" of four, with each band member covered by one designer on each team for a total of two super groovy outfits. Tim tells them it is not a team challenge in the sense that there needs to be cohesion, yet they still have to come up with a team name. To recap: Menswear, guys who like the 70's, teams that are not teams and more menswear which the designers hate.

The band members were so sweet, they really did have to be pretty involved; consultations, fittings and Garnier Fructis ads for two designers. They all handled it with a sense of humor and put up with a lot of personality and hideous clothing. Let's see how they designed their band member, shall we?

Band Member: Leot
Top: Laura
Bottom: Viktor

At top here we have blood spatter alley and wannabe cool guy. It's obvious the designers failed all around on this challenge. However these two were pretty good. Yes, Laura's was on the feminine side, but I liked that it kind of looked bloody, it made a little more rock and roll compared to the other cheesy hippie vibe looks. Viktor was the winner, and that was good to see.
Team Untitled: 1
Team Harmony: 0

Band member: Ryan
Top: Anthony Ryan
Bottom: Joshua

Interesting that the pants look the same, except as we know Josh's look has the look at my crotch zipper. Anthony Ryan's shirt hurts my eyes and there's so much going on with Josh's look, it's actually helping that the eyes are drawn to the zipper. Joshua wins this round.
Team Untitled: 2
Team Harmony: 0

Band member: Sam
Top: Kimberly
Bottom: Anya

At Top, Shaggy. Underneath, Pocahontas. I guess if I have to choose one, I'm going with Kimberly's.
Team Untitled: 3
Team Harmony: 0

Band member: Ewan
Top: Bert
Bottom: Olivier

At Top, sassy viking. Underneath butch wallpaper. Bert easily wins this round. He was the only one that did good on the top, not trying to make a fem button up with a sad collar. I also liked his pants. Overall not good, but in comparison to the others, I give it a pass.
Team Untitled: 3
Team Harmony: 1

So, if this had been a team challenge, Team Untitled probably would have won with the judges and Olivier would have been saved. That would have put Team Harmony on the chopping block and Anya in danger of the auf. I say danger because although she had the worst design, I don't see the judges sending her home unless she commits a horrible crime against boobs and Heidi cries.

I have a lot of questions running through my mind:
Why did they think fringe was going to be cool?
Why can't the guys make better menswear? Do they not make clothes for themselves?
Did the band members have a contract that made them do the show? Or did they think it was going to be something different than it turned out to be?

Oh sweetie.

Here is Olivier with the only models he can handle. They can't talk, they don't have breasts or hips, they are not tall or large and they don't have personalities.

I was never an Olivier fan. His accent confused me, it changed so often. I didn't like his clothes; they were sad colors, sad shapes and always had strange folds. No thank you Olivier, stick with the dummies-literally.

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