Saturday, October 22, 2011

Mini Colletions

In which we find out who will be the 4th designer after Anya and Josh, who have been let through each week up until now anyway, so why not?

On a positive note, what a great chance for the designers to practice in front of the judges before fashion week. They also brought back some familiar faces, with the auf’d designers to be their seamstress slaves. (This has been done since Season 1, so it’s nothing too earth shattering.)

It’s very hard to judge these, because I felt like they were all kind of terrible in a way.

How lucky for Miss Anya to have Bert helping her drape, sew and do most of the work. Sadly, compared to the rest of the designers, this did look the most cohesive and elegant. Sigh. We all know she’s going to make it to Fashion Week, there is absolutely no way the judges aren’t going to make sure that happens.

The designers were asked to make a range of clothing, which she didn't (can't) really do. However, even when the judges don't mention it, they want cohesive looks.

We also said Auf Weidersehen to Laura/Barbie. She had been going on and on all season about how sophisticated her style was and this was her final shining moment to show everyone up and she choked. Apparently the judges had worn her down, they did need someone to be the punching bag it seems.

This was a WTF moment here, and really what sent her home:

As for the “Safe” ones….

Kimberly’s looks were very Kimberly. I’m not sure why she likes such heavy fabrics. I feel like with more time and a better color palate, these could totally work. I think Kimberly has an audience that would buy her clothes and I’m hoping that she does well and makes it to the finals. The orange coat was not her best work, but I appreciated that she made a coat, it just was too heavy. The look on the far right...I just can't.

I absolutely hated Josh’s collection. The white dress wasn’t bad, it’s nothing very special. The look with the striped shirt and vest was way overpraised, I have no idea why the judges went on about it so long. And the Statue of Liberty dress or whatever it was? Why was there a black tank top underneath it? A definite WTF moment. There goes those judges, back to their crack!

Also, how do these go together? Because they go with his outfit?

Oh Viktor. The judges have quietly noticed that Viktor can make clothes and make them well. I liked what they called the secretary look and the pants look. The LBD was a little random and boring. I didn’t think the hip thing went well with that. However, I think it was smart of Viktor to do what he does well at this stage in the game. He knew the other designers were going to freak out and make mistakes. There was no way he wasn’t going to make it if he made well made chic clothes. He has tried to impress the judges with gowns and it hasn’t worked. I can’t wait to see his collection!

I would totally rock this look at work. Why do they make it sound like such a curse that he makes kick ass separates that have a subtle twist?

It's no secret that the judges have been over praising Josh and Anya all season. Now we can finally see if they were right all along when we see their final collections. I'm glad Viktor has made it through and we will see if Kimberly can handle more pressure as we get into the final stretch.

Last of all, I'm going to leave you with some pretty. I love her!

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