Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sew 70's

Sew 70's: As in, judges are back to their regularly scheduled program of crack smoking.

I know! The designers did so bad making 60's and 70's clothes, let's make them make 70's clothes and make them Modern and Chic! Do you think they have the cognitive capacity and know-how to make this happen? Answer: The producers are asking these questions so I'm assuming the answer is "No" so they can have what they want-more drama and tragedy on the runway. Sure, they probably plan out the challenges and guest judges much before they do them, but that doesn't mean they don't switch the order around for better TV.

I don't have much to say about this one, so let's get our pipes ready....

This boring maxi dress by Anya won. Oh Anya, you're so amazing with prints, you really know how to dress a woman: blah blah blah. Congrats Anya, you're beautiful and you can design clothes. I suppose I'm just being a hater.

Wait, I forgot this is a jumper so those are pants. Nope, I'm not impressed. That and this was sold for $198 on and is already sold out.

Here's Heidi showing her Anya-love. Heidi is showing that model how to WORK!

.....I just don't trust Anya.....
Plus I do feel honestly that the judges are giving Anya leeway on her designs, knowing her sewing skills are not up to par.

"Anya, this concerns me"

"Don't worry Tim, I got this. The judges eat up whatever I put on that runway. Smize!"

In another double win: Bert also won.
Who knew the old dog had it in him? He's just biding his time while the other designers bicker and freak out and he may just calmly walk into the finals. Who knows?

This still bores me.

Viktor robbed again. This outfit looked better without the jacket and the pants are not a particularly flattering cut, but overall he had the best look. Once again.

I guess they gave up on doing anything with the models on this show? I don't really mind, but Viktor really needs to get rid of this model, I think she's hurting his chances.

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