Thursday, September 17, 2009

Episode 4: Eye-catching look

What a Woman Wants

This week's (9/10) challenge is....

To make an eye-catching look for the designers' models for an industry Party. A Party....that never.. happens....

I have been 2 weeks behind on these blogs, and I think I have project runway nostalgia depression. sigh. I do love a lot of the looks happening, and Tim has been fab as always and Heidi's still there. Nina is mostly there. Is it Michael I'm missing? Why is he never there? Could it be because after 4 episodes, they are still working with fabric? I don't know. All I can say for this week, is that I did enjoy the guest judges. heehee, more on that later.

The designers are super-excited to design for their model, which leads me to believe that they did not watch Season 1 when the designers made wedding gowns for their models. Remember the gown with died roses in it?

It’s no good to get kicked off because your model wants a blue and gold jumpsuit! Case in point, Shirin’s model who wanted just that. “But ummm, honey, don’t you think that’s a bit…much??? Why don’t I make you a boring blue dress instead?" Model: “umm ok!........look....shiny….”

Nonetheless they need to make a look that will have their model stand out in a good way and get noticed for jobs. Wait, isn’t that why they’re on this show to begin with? And don’t they have their own damn show now? Oh well.

Epperson’s model wants a look that is “flowy, strong, romantic, punk, cocktail, tiger”. And.. orange? Uh-oh.... good luck with that!

And the designer "listened too much to the model award" goes to Logan who designs a smurf goth gown -his words- I think that this look cannot be blamed entirely on the model. Like one of the guest judges commented, the model told him, 50’s, lace and feathers, it could have gone in an entirely different direction.

Not much drama in this episode, so we’ll get to the fashion already!!!

The judges loved Carol Hannah’s sexy business woman outfit more than I thought they would. I think they just wanted to keep saying “soft and hard” a lot. Something bothered me about this dress, I can't quite put my finger on it. Maybe the model's hair distracted me too much? I think the long skirt made her middle look too long or maybe it was the fabric? It looked well made, don't get me wrong.

Irina's "she looks like a lady" look

What do we think of Christopher’s celery look? Well, it is number one, NOT where you accentuate on a woman’s body, so let’s not even get into the terrible color and design.

Gordana’s look was cute and definitely shows the body. The color makes this light-skinned blond model look a tad washed out to me.

Johnny’s outfit got called every dirty fashion name in the book: Prom! Bridesmaid! Wearable!! Johnny dies of satin normalcy embarrassment!!!

Logan mixed Snow White with Marilyn Manson and got this boring cheap looking outfit.

Too bad, and I think he has one of the cutest models, normally.

PR fans seemed to really love Louise’s outfit and many thought it should have been the winner, although it did not make the top 3. Nonetheless, she’s a designer to look out for.

I’m not sure how I feel about Nicolas’ outfit. It’s very…..white, which is a good way to stand out. But is it really as fitted as he thinks?

Ra’mon. wtf? Who are you? He has a serious problem with style. Carrie Bradshaw 1999 called and she wants her look back girlfriend!!! They should have called him on this hideousness. Totally unnecessary to make this dress.

I’m surprised Shirin did this boring of a dress.

Although, now that I can see the photo up close, I see she did incorporate the gold with the royal blue that the model requested, but it's still pretty *yawn*

Epperson makes a stunning outfit that shows off the body and is just what the model asked for, sans orange. The guest judge comments how it is hard to do the overlay with stretchy fabrics. He is in the running for winning look but doesn’t get it, because of Heidi’s obsession with boobs, which I have mentioned before and it’s good that she can admit it. It cracks me up because if you look at a lot of high fashion shows, it seems as if they are never wearing bras and most models don’t need a bra to begin with, so I don’t quite get it.

The winning look is Althea’s 3 piece number which the model sold with her super-fierce walk that blinds the judges to the fact that her boobs are just as loose and flowy free as Epperson’s model is. Anyhoo, it is a cute look overall, so I"m ok with this win:

Qristyl deserves the high-heeled boot on this one. Boring, boring and more boring. And that’s what she’s given each challenge. I guess she figures her own outfits are so loud that she doesn’t want the clothes to overshadow! The part that seemed to trip her up was the gown being brown and/or black. You can still make a fierce dress with those colors!! The model didn't say make a boring one.

Qristyl's model, bless her heart. The judges asked if she liked her dress, and like a good model, she said yes. Wellllll guest judge lady is not having her safe look. "That's why Valerie is not a designer, right? Thank God!"

So, in the end, we say auf weidersehen to Crystal with a Q. Sorry, but you’re OUT.

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