Saturday, September 5, 2009

Beach Challenge
Week 3 that aired 9/3/09

ooh ooh, what are they going to work with this week??? fabric. yawn.


Tim. Wearing. Flip Flops.
(and a blazer of course)

Team challenges are always awkward and painful, so we'll see how this goes. Design that *Gorgeous*, just off the beach look [minus sand]!

The team leaders (otherwise known as: screwed), are chosen at random, and it's sports team uncomfortableness as partners are chosen.

Some disturbing things the designers learn after caucusing with the California girls:
*They choose comfort over fashion. EWWWW!!!!!
*They wear.....Hoodies?

15 minutes and $50 for a team to shop is their first adventure. Dad, I mean Epperson, and Qristyl are doomed from the beginning. It's like when Daddy hit Mommy at the dinner table.....

Mitchell thinks that their team is in trouble....hmmm you mean the designers that brought us hot tranny pregnant mess and bowling ball last week are in Trouble? ya don't say....

The teams of two are working on their embres(?) of macrames and such when Tim interrupts with his infamous "Designers, gather round". Designers, for the millionth time we are making you do a 2nd challenge, just to fuck you over. Oh yeah, and it's gotta be avant-garde.

Nicolas and Gordana's macrame look

And their blue lace hooker avant-garde look:

Johnny and Irina's "brown is beachy, noh?" look:

And the avant-garde look:

(I didn't care for either of these looks. Their first look is young and fun, but I don't like the brown)

Christopher and Logan:

And their super-fabulous avant-garde look that rocked the house! Luvin it!

How fun is that? And check out the back:

I think I would have had them be the winners, because they stuck the closest to the ideas of the challenge along with the best looks for both categories. As Tim would say, carry on.....

Althea and Louise or, "shoulda made something more fun and fabulous, but played it safe"

And the "avant-garde" look:

Carol Hannah and Shirin made the most beachy-like outfit

and I guess they were going for waves on the 2nd look:

Epperson and Qristyl didn't get sent home, they somehow managed to pull 2 outfits together. This boring sundress

and this scary thing that Nina was disturbed by:

Let's see it on the way out

Although, can I say....this outfit, sewn well, with better fabric could have been kind of sailor-y? I think I can see where they were going, they just didn't make it there.

And here we go. A PR first. A look at the 2 outfits by Mitchell and Ra'mon

And the winning look that Ra'mon made up in a MacGyver moment with neoprene and dye

I'm not so sure what is avant-garde about this

But this is the look the judges liked and they have the end say. Upon questioning Mitchell and Ra'mon (and I'm sure nothing from the tapes) they discovered that Mitchell didn't do anything but prance around the workroom hoping for a miracle to appear.

Soooo....the First is, that the person that was not the leader, becomes the winner. And in the same team is the loser of the challenge. Ouch.

Mitchell "Epic Project Runway" Fail. Heidi was not messing around this week. 3 Strikes and you're awwooot!!

I'm not sad to see Mitchell go, it just seemed like a game to him. Oh dear, a naked model, oh dear tranny mess.. oh well! la dee daaaa.....

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