Wednesday, September 2, 2009

We Expect Fashion!

Oh dear, Project Runway started up as the same time as school, and being out of practice besides, I am not keeping up on these blogs! Shame on me!

I have to say, this season is boring so far. No “leatha”, no “hot tranny mess”, no “lishisnessss” or even spit marks! What’s going on? For god’s sakes, they’re still using fabric here. I’m not giving up yet, but I hope tonight’s episode gets back to the days of plants, garbage and food! It’s also interesting that they have kicked off their 2 weirdest characters, just like that! Oh, what if Stella or Blayne had gone this quick? Well, now we know.

The funny thing about this episode is, you have to keep in mind that in current time, Heidi is about to pop out kiddie number 4. At filming time, there was no bun in the oven yet. So, did this challenge inspire her? I can just see Heidi’s comments during runway show: Omg, I must have that outfit! Oh dear, I’m much too skinny to wear it, and I can’t have that bitch Rebecca Romi-stamos-man hoobidy whatserface wearing it first! (I’m pretty sure that’s what happened.)

Of course, just like the plus size challenge and menswear challenges, the designers are at a loss when they discover they are designing for a model that is not going to be super skinny. Of course, the blow was softened knowing they would be in the presence of John Stamos’ ex.

You can see that many had trouble with this design; some of the dresses pop out, but don’t look flattering hanging down (didn’t buy enough fabric maybe?). And Malvin, oh Malvin. For some reason, he thinks pregnant women want to look like big bird. As if you aren’t self-conscious enough when you’re pregnant.

The designers have their show on the runway, and it’s great that all 4 judges have been or are pregnant, and so understand the needs of a pregnant woman. (Did it annoy anyone else that they kept calling it a “pregnancy dress” instead of maternity? Is the word maternity too dowdy?)

Here they all in all their glory!

Nicolas' dress is chic and really doesn’t look like a maternity look.

Qristyl was trying to fly under the radar this week after nearly getting the axe last week

Ra’mon, Ra’mon, Ra’mon. What were you thinking???? Although I’m glad someone could get an animated reaction out of Heidi. Here is the baby!!

Althea’s boob-tastic gown. I'm not sure she thought about the pregnant body enough... It also made me wonder why they didn’t go full pregnancy tummies complete with bigger boobs and butt, just to get realistic. I know, I know, “Lighten up, it’s just fashion!”

Carol Hannah’s is just, no. Why is there a sling to accentuate the belly? Let’s make her wear this when she gets knocked up.

I liked Christopher’s design. I would wear this. I know the judges aren’t wild about leggings, but it is something a pregnant woman would want to wear.

So….is Epperson’s design for when Rebecca wants to go to maternal-martial arts class? I don’t get it.

Oh's a jumpsuit? Well, props to you if you can pull this off while actually pregnant...

Gordana’s is not bad. Not enough coverage up top if you’re busty, but I think the cardigan with the shiny fabric is a nice balance.

I am not into Irina’s look. This would be a nice dress for someone to wear to the baby shower… long as it’s not mommy about to pop. She looks huge!

Johnny’s design works for me. It’s form fitting, nice embellishment and it’s not in a loud or shiny fabric.

Logan’s design is “eh” for me. Neither here nor there.

Louise put a lot of thought and care in her design. She did dye work, appliqué work, she thought about the bust area, she thought about layering. It’s great. She really could have been the winner. I still think Shirin was the right one ftw in the end. If Louise had had time to do a cardigan with that, maybe lengthened the dress a tad, so it’s not so much like lingerie and had the model wear cute flats, that would have cinched it for me.

Mitchell’s design. Say it with me:

Hot. Tranny. (preggers) Mess.

Who designed this? Britney and Lindsay after a 3 day binge? Hideous and cheap. And why did he make the shorts big enough for all 4 judges to be in? Just no. He should be thanking Malvin all the way home, because that’s the only reason he’s still here.

Oh Malvin! Here is your weirdy egg idea. It just looks like she already had the baby and is carrying it in a sling. Who wants that??? You have the feathers up top, the egg in the middle, and even the shoes look bird-like. You’re Out!

The winner, and deservedly so, was Shirin. She got the dress, the coat, the styling. It looked comfortable and stylish. Love the twisty stitch work and the color! Kudos!


  1. I giggled at your calling it a martial arts outfit -- I failed to notice that while watching, but now can't see anything else!

  2. You were distracted by the pregnancy jumpsuit! Eek!