Monday, March 8, 2010

Hard to Wear

This week the designers meet up with Michael Kors, probably thinking they are going to do a fabulous challenge using expensive fabrics. Enhh wrong! They are told to go to a hardware store to make an innovative look and part of the look must be an accessory they make. The accessory from hardware stuff could be really fun, unfortunately many of the designers didn't spend as much time as others.

Jesse, in true Jesse style, wishes everyone else will crash and burn.
Emilio, in true Emilio style, thinks everyone else is doing the challenge the wrong way.
We'll get to the 2 of you and your superiority in a little bit!

All the designers freak out on using the unique items to make a runway look. And rightly so.....

Someone I thought who would do great in this challenge, being as he uses "hardware" in most of his designs, failed miserably. How disappointing was this? Luckily, he had immunity, and could not be eliminated this week. Bondage Judy Jetson? Why all silver with not much of a shape? And chains on the heels like that? Just don't do it again.

In my opinion, this could have been a bottom 3 look. Yes, he spent a lot of time hammering out this copper to make a garment, and up closer there are what appear to be seams(?) but the overall look is boring and shapeless. Ben was lucky this week.

Amy's look was pretty cute! This garment was made out of sand paper and the top is so lovely. The bottom part is not quite there, but considering this is not made out of fabric, it's a solid design.

Jonathan absolutely nailed it this week. Such a hot look! He's got to be disappointed that he wasn't part of the Top 3 in this challenge. The way he mixed these colors and textures together was great and his accessory is killer too.

The judges' Top 3:

Maya made this cute shift dress with gothic style netting overcoat and an amazing necklace made out of keys. The overall look really works. I don't know what she got to make the dress with, it looks like fabric. She spent a lot of time and thought into making the coat stay in the form and not drooping. A solid effort here.

Here's Mila and her color blocking mod piece. I have to say, I "get" her look this time around. It kind of looks like a Seth Aaron piece even. The way the skirt moved on the runway was fabulous and I was digging the hair styling too. Great, innovative design.
Mila, in true Mila fashion, is uber-pissed that she didn't win the challenge

Jay wowed the judges with this piece made out of garbage bags. I have to admit, that is pretty amazing. Also looks like a "Jay" design, similar to his "mommy" look last week. I don't think many people can pull off that top, which is thickest around the waist, but it's overall pretty hot. Another win for Jay!
(Jay also wowed me with those wide leg yellow pants he wore to the runway.....could not miss him in those....)


I don't know if Anthony deserved to be in the bottom this week. It's close with this one and Ben's. Yes, it's a pretty look, and the judges were thinking more "innovative". However, he was going for a soft look using "hard" materials, and I think he succeeded in that. It's not the most interesting, and I would have liked to see the belt have more design to it, than just a band type of thing.

Last week, Emilio's looks were very conservative. This week, he went the complete opposite route and went....well.....Anthony put it nicely and said "not only is it naked...but it's not in the best of taste...."

I can see where he was going with this, and his model has the body to pull it off. He apparently bought all the twine, string and washers he could get for $50 and this is what it got him. I do like that he was going for something out of the ordinary, and he owned it on the runway, instead of blaming something else like most designers would have done. From far away, it is very interesting- I could see Lady Gaga wearing this- although I don't like that some spots just looked tangled up and sloppy. Hey, all her lady bits were covered though!

The judges could see he was going for something that could have been really fantastic, and he was spared.
Did anyone else think Wendy Pepper's Gristedes look from Season 1?

Jesse was not so lucky this week. When this look first came out, I figured it would be a middle safe look, if not a poor ballerina style design- but once Michael Kors said she looked like a Hershey kiss, that's all I could see from then on. Let's face it, Jesse talks a lot about his greatness, but he usually can't back it up, and this week was no different. This look was originally copper, but once he saw so many other designers using the copper, he decided for some crazy reason, to spray it all silver.

Jesse, we're sorry, but you're Out. Ok, I'm not that sorry, you had kind of a crappy attitude and not that amazing of pieces. Maybe stick to wool coats. Byeeeeeeeee

No one is a real loser in this group; they all got to show at Fashion Week (save for one designer, which we don't know why's a spoiler if you don't who it is....I won't tell) These guys have all shown some great work, so whoever has a bad week is the one to be Auf'd. No pressure sweeties!

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