Saturday, March 13, 2010

Earth Wind and Fire

This week the designers are asked to pick an element of either Earth, Air, Water or Fire. This challenge reminds me of the Zodiac challenge they did a couple of seasons ago. Basically a challenge where the designers are asked to make up some crazy story of why they chose to make the garment they made. The designers are also asked to work with a Garnier Fructis hairdresser "Hello product placement!" and incorporate the model's hair into the look. (Amy only heard that last part, apparently)

They could not have been more Obvious this week on who was going to win and who was going home. Maybe they thought we would guess it wasn't them because they were focusing so much on 2 designers (the top and bottom choices) that haven't been much of a focus thus far.

The last couple of shows, I have caught the runway show, and then rewatched the whole way through to see how the designers got to the runway with their designs and of course, see Tim Gunn and a little of drama thrown in. It definitely changes your opinion of the garment when you don't see the behind the scenes of the show. The clothes are the only thing speaking to you, and that's what the judges see.

Very muted colors this week: black, gray and white. Interesting know one went with much color.

So, let's just move right into it shall we?

The safe ones:

Anthony got fire, and his story was about a pastor from his home town burned his house down and so instead of going for the obvious reds and oranges, he went for the ashes and soot of the fire, which is what he says he remembered about it.
I do like this gown, with some exceptions. The top part needs to be cleaned up, it looks a bit sloppy. I see it's designed much like his winning Heidi Klum look. I did like the idea, and there's a long slit up the dress to give it some sexy flair.

Emilio had earth and he did a great job, it does look earthy and it works wonderful with his model's look. If you can look any closer, the scrunched up side of the skirt looks more intricate than first glance. It just wasn't quite wow enough to be in the top, but Emilio is probably very happy being in a safe spot, after last week's barely there look.

Jay's look is kind of a wtf look. As in, wtf were you doing here? She looks like a swirl ice cream cone....
The nice thing is, Jay had immunity, so he could do wtf ever he wanted to do. So good on you! I feel like this could have been a fine "Air" look, but the hair piece is a no, and it just needs some good old fashioned Gunn editing.


Maya's look moved very lovely on the runway. It flowed like water, and it was interesting to look at without being overwhelming.

Ok, stop the show. I want to hire Seth Aaron as my designer. Sorry everyone, but he's working for me now. I was unsure about him in the beginning, I thought he might be arrogant or try to hard to be the punk rock guy, but his stuff is amazing, and the man can sew and tailor like, well, like Christian Siriano from Season 4. I love it, I love it. His look was air, and he decided to do New York night air to work in his black piece with his signature metal wear on it, like stars.
The back was also so interesting, and everyone loved what he did with the trousers, they were so unique. Yes, I officially have a favorite on the show.

However, Jonathan had the winning look this week with his Air look. His air was the air of laughter. His story was very silly, but his look took the prize. I have to say, what I don't like about this look, is what the judges did like about it. And seeing this picture, my thoughts are confirmed; I don't like this pale of colors on this pale of a model. He had so much detail in his look, he layered different fabrics, and cut into them to make his own unique print. Genius idea, but how much can you see on this lily white model? This look on a darker model, preferably dark as night, and wouldn't you see the great design of this better? Congratulations to Jon, his look last week, at the very least, deserved to be in the Top 3, so it's great he was recognized for a piece.


Mila* had earth for her look, and I have to say, I didn't hate this look at all. The judges called it a "mall look". So apparently, you want something that every woman would want to buy, but not a look they would wear to a mall. Hmmm.....those cwazy judges can get confusing. The only thing I can say, is that it's getting down to the nitty gritty, and every week you have to be on your game. This is not a winning look, and this week it wasn't even safe. I laughed when the judges called the pants and under shirt a basic track suit, because her winning peguiny look was a track suit look as well. Go figure....

Oh Amy. Oh Amy. She is trying so hard every week to stand out and be different. She also has a thing for getting your attention in the bust area. Well, attention granted this time. For some reason, I guess from watching this show so obsessively, I was not that weirded out by the hair. I think she spent too long with the concept of the hair (the fire in the look), and didn't spend enough time on the rest of the look. I have more of a problem with how poor and boring the rest of the garment is. Amy was lucky this week.
Amy's garment was, however, great entertainment with the judges. Heidi twisting up her face and saying "bizarre" was so great, and then having her look get called "a cat in a baby sling" is just so classic.

Ben. We have to say goodbye. This "Shark" water look just didn't make the cut. It doesn't look so bad in this picture, but the pants have a very strange seaming on them, so it looks like she's wearing her chonies on the outside, or wearing fencing pants. So strange, I didn't understand what his reasoning was. And has he never seen this show!?!?!! Hmmm, I want to impress the judges, I'm going to make a 3-piece suit in a day, when I've NEVER MADE A SUIT BEFORE. For that reason, and put together with his horrible, horrible look last week, I am ok with him getting the auf. I do like where he was going with this look, I'm sorry he didn't pull it off. The hair was pretty cool, and I like the non-literal idea he had for water. It was down to the ill fit of the garment, the cheesiness of the shark teeth buttons on the jacket and the crotch on those pants! Sorry Jon, your Heidi Klum look was great, but you just didn't make it this week.

To quote Michael Kors "The crotch on those pants is insane!"

Tune in next week, when the designers have the dreaded team challenge!


  1. I love your blog! I just have to point out that you have called Mila "Maya" by accident here.

    Ciao, keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks Susan!!! I have probably done that more than once, I mix them up all the time!!! I will fix it now...