Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hey, that's my fabric

The Magnificent 7 get the latest "challenge of a lifetime" this week as they get to design their own fabric print (using HP computers, of course).

The designers design their print, and shop at Mood for some supplemental pieces. Once they get their fabric the next day, they need some alone time with their fabrics.....

Now that the alone time is out of the way, the designers carry on. I got very worried this episode, because my favorite, Seth Aaron, did the imminent going home phone call home! Was it going to be Seth Aaron, Emilio or Anthony in the top? Which one would be going home? Let's move on to the runway and see....

Jay is the only safe designer this week. I like where Jay was going with this design. His print is not that innovative but he used it in a smart way. It's interesting that Jay makes pants a lot, but I'm not sure he is the best at tailoring them. I do like the straps on the jacket.

Seth Aaron was not sent home, nor was he the winner this week. His print seemed Betsey Johnson-ish and although he makes a lot of jackets and pants looks, he does them well. He makes pants in a different way, that Jay can only dream of doing. Overall, this look has a little too much going on, like they usually do, but his looks definitely make you look. If he can keep up this work, and then stand back and edit a la Tim Gunn, he will be the winner.

Check out how he lined up his print in the back, just beautiful.

Maya had a great overall look, with the styling, how she used her print and even down to her print, which Michael Kors called electric. For someone who was scared to design and use a print, she did a fierce job. I could see Rihanna working this with some more intense shoes and maybe some metal jewelry on her forearms.

Emilio got the winning look this week. I'm sure he expects to win every week, so this just adds to his over-inflated ego. When this first walked down the runway, I thought it looked a little too bulky and not what I was expecting him to do with his print.

Then the jacket came off, and you can see his print, (which made no sense). I did like how the initials made a wave like pattern. How SASE means Emilio Sosa, I couldn't understand, no matter how many times they edited it to explain. (I did love how Tim Gunn thought it was SA for Seth Aaron) Emilio made a chic look with a cute print, but I don't know if it was worthy of another win.

Onto the unsuccessful designers:

The judges have a love/hate relationship with Mila. They were not impressed with her "70's mom" beach look. I thought her print was very boring, but still Mila-like. There's nothing much to say about this look, it's large and not that interesting.
Did she mean for the print to wrap around and meet like that? With just a little more time and planning, it seems (to my untrained eye) that she could have met them up, like my dad lines up the wrapping paper print when he wraps presents.

The judges really ganged up on Jonathan this week. Jon does have a lot going on with his designs, and he could usually do with some editing, but was this look really that bad? I do agree that his print came out quite bland and would have done better in a bolder style, so that the circles on there didn't look like grease spots. However, the judges have praised his muted tones in the past. And yes, the jacket was like a strait jacket...but I felt the judges were particularly vicious to him. Shame on you judges for being bullies this week!
And he did stay true to his style aesthetic.

Friends, I love me some Anthony to death. He's so fun, and you can tell he enjoys making clothes for women. You could tell early on that he was not going to make it to the top, but stayed around more for entertainment factor. I just really can't justify this outfit he made. As soon as it walked out, I just knew he was going to get the Auf. Poor Anthony! At least he has bragging rights with his Marie Clare win.

Anthony, I'm sure this won't be the last we see of you. Your personality brightened up that dull workroom. If there had been a prom challenge this season, you would have killed it! Mwah!


  1. Yeah, they were especially harsh to Jonathan and you could tell he was upset. :( I'll miss Anthony's commentary!!