Friday, March 19, 2010

Takin it to the streets....of fug

It's down to the Top 8 designers, and there's no more squeaking by at this point. Go big, or go home! This weeks' challenge is a New York challenge and a team challenge to boot....which means...uncomfortable drama.

Well, yawn this week, as most of the designers got along and their designs were nothing to write home about.

As Tim explained the challenge, everyone prayed that they would not get Mila as a partner. $300 to create a day look and evening look based on various parts of New York. And blah blah Collier Strong will do makeup. Actually, I like Collier Strong on the show, but the makeup is not a big deal for me when they have fun designs happening.

Starting with the Top 2 teams, here they are.

Team Anthony/Maya got Chinatown and made these 2 looks. Maya worked on this well made day look. I can see the structure in the top, it's got that pagoda style look. I think the skirt could have been more interesting, since the top is a muted color, maybe they could have done some more red cutouts and made it look a bit more like a chinese lantern?

Anthony was in charge of the night look, and it's just "eh" for me here. I like how he started with the basic dress and a plunging neckline, however I don't like the 3D look on top. It's distracting and is not so attractive. Nina liked how it looked like a dragon shape, so they were fine this week, but not quite the winners.

The winning team ended up being Emilio/Seth Aaron's Harlem looks. We all know that Seth can sew and tailor very fast, and this week was no different. I love, love this look. Love this denim high waist with the spots of color and bold lines.
Emilio was in charge of this night look, and it's really because of how amazing the day look is, and how bad the other ones are that they were the winning team. This look is cute, but pretty safe. How crazy is Emilio getting? What a crazy ass laugh that man has.

The bottom teams:

Mila's look is pretty cool actually. I love the black and white here for a change. The red really makes it pop, and it's a bold look, and I love the hint of black and white fabric that's poking through there. I really wonder what a Mila/Seth Aaron team would have produced... Here are their East Village looks.

Jay brings out some pants with the volume on the thighs, so you know it's not gonna fly. However, had he done the pants in a dark navy or black look with a prettier top or a hot jacket, this could have been a hit. Instead he did this insult of a tank top (Nina was apalled), and foldover tabbed waist line. Egad, wasn't he noticing how bad last week's pants went over? Quite possibly, the partner he was not happy to have, could have been his saving grace this week.

The over-work-a-look twins Jonathan and Amy get paired up and they seemed to be off to a nice start. They visited the Upper East Side, and Jonathan showed her around the drab, quiet area. However, they just didn't know how to stop themselves, or each other. Tim gave them a warning, but it was too late, they were on a cut-out, pleating technique train and couldn't stop. Jonathan did this night look.

However, this day look was the auf'd look. The judges did not like the colors of the top, which, we know by know that Amy is not good at picking rich colors. Lucky for Amy we didn't hear Michael Kors' disdain for leggings again. Unfortunately, Amy has made some poor choices and this week's didn't help that. I didn't feel it was as ugly as the judges thought, but it really wasn't doing anything, it was just a random look in a bland orange. It's not quite a top, not quite a dress, so lets throw leggings under it and hope for the best?

Goodbye our Oakland girl! You're beautiful and you're not afraid to take risks! I'm sure Amy will do great out there, but she needs a little more learning to get everything just right.

Amy, we're sorry, but you're Out.

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  1. Maybe even a red belt would have pulled given Maya's look a little extra pizazz. And then if the 3D trim on Anthony's had been lined in red, the whole thing would have been more Chinatown.