Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Around the World in Two Days

This week on Project Runway:

This week the designers meet with Michael Kors (yay MK is back!), who gives the designers 7 places he has been to and loves. The designers than randomly choose a locale and have to base a look around that locale using $150 from Mood and one day to Make It Work.

The designers are getting closer and closer to the end, and the stress levels are through the roof each week. Unfortunately for the boys, it just hasn’t been their season at all! All 3 of the bottom looks (again) are the boys’ looks.

You know, I never really liked Nina Garcia until she was gone. I know Michael and Nina had problems with being in L.A. because they are based in New York, but sheesh, the show just isn’t the same. There just isn’t that consistency that’s needed. (I know, I know I've said it before)

Christopher is scraping by for the last couple of weeks and this one is no different. His look was Santa Fe. Sky blue? Really? Ugh, where’s the warm oranges, the nice browns, the brightness? His look was so drab. Luckily, he snipped off at least 6 inches off the skirt. With that weird, medium length, he would have been dead for sure.

Logan’s was boring again, and yeah, what is going on with always designing pants week after week? Nina called these “clothes” not fashion. Logan, you are not on Best Clothes Maker show, so get it through your skull-capped head! He got to choose last, and got stuck with Hollywood. Touch break, considering at least half the challenges they've done this far have been Hollywood related. The funny thing about Logan is, is that he does little "twists" to be "edgy" in his look, and what that is for him is usually 3 little chains, or zippers on jeans. Zippers on jeans? How original......

Althea was the only middle of the road designer this week with her St. Tropez look that fit the criteria of the challenge just fine.

The judges went gaga over Carol Hannah’s look and I just don’t know why? This Uli dress got you all in a bunch? Maybe they were dreaming of the season when they had interesting designers who went for it. All of these looks were just “all right”.

Gordana has been hit or miss this season. However, the judges were going for her Park Avenue look this week.

I agree that it fits her locale, so kudos to Gordana.

The winner is Irina this week. Yes, she’s the one we all love to hate this season. She’s beautiful and she’s a good designer, so what can we do? I don’t love those pants, nor the color scheme, but I had to admit, when you put it up against all the other looks on the runway, it was the clear winner. (Oh, and it looks like something she would wear herself, or maybe even has worn)

Oh Ice Queen. I hated to see you go. I was just getting to like you and enjoy your presence on PR. Yes you use white every time, but you stick to what you want. What kills me is that even though his look was not “Greece” AT ALL, at least it had some innovation to it. At least it was a little different. Guest judge Milla Jovovich liked the top and said it would have been amazing as a white dress. Can you imagine that with gold strappy sandals? He would have killed it! Unfortunately, this is not Coulda Shoulda Project Runway.

Auf Weidersehen Nicolas!! It won't be the same without you!

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