Friday, October 9, 2009

Lights, Camera, Sew

The designers are going to make a design based on a film genre and create a character based on that genre given: Western, Film Noir, Period Piece, Action Adventure and Science Fiction.

Shirin and Epperson get "stuck" with the Western genre, as no one else wants that. Apparently, they remember the outfit that Leanne made for Korto last season....

Poor Carol Hannah is distracted by the good looks of Logan, focus girl, focus!
Here is Carol Hannah's (Matrix) Action Adventure look:

Diggin on the coat and choice of boots. Her and Logan compared notes, and it shows....

Here is Logan's Action Adventure look. Looks like Logan likes to hang out in goth clubs:

It's hard to tell, but he hid swatches of red to show "blood". Clever....

Ok. Enough is enough. This should have been the winner! Epperson was robbed of the win this time:

Ruffled jean, leatha, gun holster, oh my!! I don't know if this photo gives it justice, but this was by far the best look overall.

Shirin was also "stuck" with Western, but she went for a saloon girl look, which ended up working for her:

Irina had immunity. Her film noir look was pretty safe, but the dress and styling were gorgeous. I am not getting the poofy shawl around her(?)

Althea's film noir look was pretty safe. However, I like that she thinks about the whole outfit, and doesn't always make a dress each time.

Louise's film noir was very disappointing. I had high hopes for Louise, but for some reason she got stuck on this one:

Christopher's period piece looks strangely disproportioned from the front:

But I love the back of it, let's bring bustles back!

Gordana went another route for her period piece. She tried for a 20's/30's look. Apparently, the fabric she worked with was tricky to sew, but the judges were not impressed with how simply styled it was. While this is not what I think of when I hear "period piece", I would think this design is safe, not bottom rung. What do you think?

Sci-Fi ended up being the risky choice as it produced the winner and loser. A surprise win for Nicolas and his Ice Queen who wants to rule the universe. What baffled me, was that the judges were so excited how this would look on camera, even though it looked slightly cheap in person. I don't remember that being part of the challenge. So, are they making something to be IN a film or a film inspired piece? Nonetheless, here is the Ice Queen in all her bitchy glory:

Sorry! I couldn't resist....

Here's the design:

Ra'mon once again makes a bodysuit outfit and once again wants to scrap his outfit at the last moment. I wonder if he was hoping to get a random inspiration again and win the challenge?

Sadly, Ra'mon was the one auf'd. His outfit really was terrible. It's strange that he was going to try again to make a shiny bodysuit and then scrap it. Lightning just didn't strike twice, but we will miss you Ra'mon!! And Louise should really thank Ra'mon for going worse, or she would have been Out. Her design wasn't original, wasn't film noir and was poorly designed. Watch out Louise!

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