Friday, October 16, 2009

A Fashionable New Beginning

Poor Irina, everyone hates her because she's so fabulous!!! What is she to do?

Hold the phone, what is Heidi wearing? Couture scrubs? Heidi is acting very strange in L.A. No wonder they call it LaLaland.

For this challenge, the designers are given $25 and 1 day to transform a divorcee's old wedding dress into a new look for them. The designers take up all the divorcees that have the most fabric in their hideous dresses.

A few of the designers are clearly getting worn down from the stress. Luckily they have their voice of wisdom in Tim. He tells Christopher he doesn't want the divorcee to look like a cougar! rawr Tim! He helps explain the challenge to Epperson, but apparently not to Logan.

Tim coaches Gordana ftw. Oh, so it's because she didn't have a mantra that the judges hated her before? You go girl!

Oh Tim, what would these crying, frazzled designers do without you!?

How great was Nicolas' divorcee? She was 4' 10" of craziness! Let's keep her! She's been divorced 14 years, cuz no man can handle this much sass! She owned that craziness of an outfit!

Althea normally has more style than this....
All I can say is, yikes. H to the N on this one. Who wear's this? Just no. She should have been called out for this.

Carol Hannah's dress was pretty fierce, no? Safe for the judges.

Poor delusional Christopher. Week after week, he just doesn't quite make it.

Kors is back and he is NOT impressed. At all.

They were lovin' on Shirin's dress that really wasn't changed much, save for the cute stiching. I think they should see what the "before" dress was, side by side. Although kudos to her for editing and controlling her divorcee on the prowl. Honey was wanting feathers and micro minis and the whole shebang! She thought she was auditioning for CougarTown.

Logan's dress was making Heidi want to reach for her bier right away. It was making me wanting to get to the toilet to hurl this memory from our brains. What in the hell was he thinking? In a word, "tragedy". And, after looking at last week's photos, it's almost the same as the non-blueness he put out last week, but ill-fitting! No, this man needs to be sent home. Now.

The judges are drooling all over Irina again. Oh Irina you really ARE so amazing and chic!!! (barf). Although, yeah, this week I agree. It is a nice look.

Gordana poured her heart into this outfit and the judges finally appreciated her. She understood the challenge the best and got a great overall style for her "new beginning".

Epperson's dress was pretty bad indeed. And Heidi was not impressed with his misinterpretation of the challenge and Oktoberfest dress. What is with the Oktoberfest Heidi?

This week was very upsetting to me. I don't feel this was the worst design this week. Yes, it's bad. It's not innovative, it's not flattering, it's not even changed all that much from the original. But there were worse garments than this on the runway, and that's what saves people: other designers that failed more. They called him out for not "understanding" the challenge, but can they say that Logan understood it better? No.

Epperson was a great designer. He should have won the film genre challenge, and he should not have been sent home here. I rest my case.

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