Saturday, October 17, 2009

Sequins, Feathers and Fur, Oh My!

This Week

Bob Mackie, aka Sultan of Sequins, and Tim Gunn tell the designers they get to design a look for the stage with Christina Aguilera. Or, This Season's Drag Queen challenge.

The designers get to sketch amongst the sparkling gowns, $300 at Mood and 2 days. This has to be the most exciting challenge for the designers. This challenge they get to Go Big or Go Home. There should be an amazing runway, with sequins, feathers, fur and color color color!!! Right? We shall see....

Nicolas is in his element this challenge. I'm amazed he didn't die of elation being in the room with that much sequins and Bob Mackie all at once. Quote of the episode: "Irina's actually a really good designer, the only problem with her, is that she's a huge bitch." Yes! You tell 'em sister! I don't know, I was liking Nicolas this episode. They showed his vulnerability, his excitement as a designer and his talent.

In the workroom:

Tim tells Christopher to "slut up" his look. Oh Tim, be careful what you wish for.

He then calls out Nicolas on his look that is deja vu of his winning Ice Queen look. That boy can't work with a fabric that's not white. Why is that?

Tim describes Shirin's look as Guinevere meets Vampira. Ouch.

Onto the Runway.....

Oh yeah, why is Christina Aguilera wearing a Lady Gaga wig? Weird...

Althea's dress was hot, but I guess more red carpet than stage, the train of the dress was long.
She mixed the fabrics well and it fit her model amazingly. Definitely a contender FTW.

Logan's was cute, but just not exciting. He just really should have been sent home last challenge for that shitastic pants outfit he did. Nina was not impressed with his attempt to be "edgy" with 3 chains on the back of the fur shrug.
The lining is a different color, he says. Big woop! As Mackie said, it was too short for a long dress and vice versa. He also added, short dressed can "go up to the crotch and be fine! Put diamonds on the crotch and you're fine!!!" (Christina's eyes lit up at that by the way.....)

I love the styling he did, but this poor guy just doesn't have the fashion sense needed to go further. Lucky for him, there were 2 worse looks this week.

Christopher's was a hot mess. He was going for The Big Reveal with a plain black overcoat with big buttons and no specialness. The Big Reveal was what you see below, an ill-fitting, non-matching cheaptastic tranny mess. Although, he did have Christina Aguilera on his mind, probably more so than any other designer.

I think Christopher might have been saved by Christina this week. His look was abhorred by the judges and Christina seemed to think it wasn't THAT bad...... I think she'd rather wear very little clothes, even bad ones, than too much clothes.

Nicolas' was hot. I think the top could have been more interesting.
However, I think his outfit would really work on a curvier model, or Christina for that matter.

Gordana's was boring and just wrong. Big booty

Gordana had much needed immunity this week and Heidi let her know it. This was actually the worst outfit, but she will be around for another week for sure.

Irina's was an ice skating outfit. She should not have been safe, her look was just....lame.

Carol Hannah went for a black gown, but intertwined different textiles to add to the look.
If I could give Carol Hannah advice, I would say she should get a different model. I don't usually notice too much, but this one is just not adding to the look at all.

Carol Hannah wins! Take that Irina!

Shirin's dress was a lot going on, with not a lot going on
The judges call it an upscale witch Halloween dress. The fabric was cheap looking and gave unneeded heaviness to the garment.

We're sorry Shirin, but you're Out. Unfortunately, save for Gordana's, your look was the worst this week. Good call for judges.

Overall, the designers could have gone more amazing. There was a lot of black on the runway, and that's not what usually gets noticed on the stage. Bob Mackie goes balls out when designing for Cher, Madonna and the like. Christina Aguilera is not known for shying away from fashion, so they could have taken more of a risk. Can you imagine Carol Hannah's look in a deep red? Ooohhh.... For that matter, it would have been great if Ra'mon and Epperson were still on and we could have seen what they would have created. But that's Fashion. One week you're In and one week, you're Out.

Auf Weidersehen!

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