Thursday, October 15, 2009

Ok. So, this season I have been so behind on what's going on. Yes, there's a lot going on for me, but really, it comes down to the show.

I'm not inspired at all.

Week #1 Make a pretty dress with fabric

Week #2 Make a pretty dress with fabric

Week #3 Make a pretty dress with fabric.

And so on and on and nothing really interesting. Don't get me wrong, I think these designers have talent, but the challenges are just. so. boring.

It doesn't help that Michael Kors and Nina Garcia are hardly ever there, so the only consistency in judging is Heidi Klum.....I love Heidi but her reasoning sometimes is just out there. "For me, it's the boobs. They need more umph!"

So this week, the twist was team challenges and.............

Make it Blue.

Make it Blue?

And sellable at Macy's for the I.N.C. line.

But Blue.


This was by far, the lamest challenge ever. The garments that walked down the runway were so boring, I didn't care who won or who lost. But someone's got to get that Auf Weidersehen from Heidi, so here they are:

First Team Althea and Logan. Yeah. Althea is the team leader and it's amazing she got any work done around Mr. Takeshisshirtoffalot Logan. So, wtf is up with their first outfit? Is it even blue? And why that top? No wonder Nicolas hates ruffles. And the second outfit? A slutty work suit? Do they not have time to fit the models anymore? Blue Fail.

Team Shirin and Carol Hannah are just so adorable and what they make is kinda fun. The first one is very flight attendant-ish but I love the shade of blue they used. It also seems to go with the other look. I know MK is not crazy about leggings, but deal with it! The top is very interesting and I feel like the whole look was styled very smartly down to the shoes. Looks sellable and blue to me!

Christopher and Epperson. Oh my. This team was real lucky this week not to get auf'd. They were just so impressed with themselves they could explode! Hey Uncle Tim! We can make a shirt that's also a dress!! Can you believe it? We'd better patent this so we can make all the money! Hey, Epps, what would go well with a shirt dress? I know!!! A shiny dress that's also a shirt over leggings!!! Yay!!!!

Wow. And the shirt dress material is shiny too. What the heck is going on? In the words of Michael Kors, "Didya think those two looks went together? They didn't."

The winners, by default of lameness, are Team Irina and Gordana. This is the team that's winning and homegirl still throws Gordana under the bus! Meow! We have this season's watered down Kenley folks! I just do not understand the judges going gaga-ga over these two looks. Yeah they fit well, but they are nothing special. But they are sellable. And Blue.

Oh Dear. Team Louise and Nicolas. Yikes. It was doomed from the beginning, and it didn't help at all that Queen Nicolas had immunity and poor Louise who was almost kicked off last challenge had no confidence. And this is what the poor dear came up with.

A simple dress with cumbersome ruffles all over the front and another simple, but shiny, dress with I don't even know what on the front. A boa? Who even cares at this point. Sorry Louise, but you're out. Hey, I loved your maternity look! Good luck and Auf Weidersehen.

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