Saturday, September 18, 2010

Jackie O, or Jackie Oh, No!?

In which we finally discover why the preview for this episode showed Tim saying "Jackie O would not have a camel-toe!"

(which then led to an awkward explanation of what a cameltoe is to my mother.....)

Dahlings, let's dish. Tim Gunn posts a vlog the day after most episodes are aired, so he can tell you what happened behind the scenes. Senor Gunn had some choice words to say about the producers and production team of PR. This episode they went back and forth on what the challenge would be, and as a result Tim even had to intervene on the judging because the communication between the producers, Tim, the designers and judges was pretty much FUBAR.

Originally, the producers wanted to have the designers design a look for Katie Holmes to wear, as she is playing Jackie Kennedy in a miniseries. Since that fell through, they had them design American sportswear with Jackie in mind. This even drove Tim crazy, because Jackie wasn't known as an American sportswear icon. It seems there was also talk about doing a complete 180 and having the designers do a look inspired by a style of dance. According to Tim, he was at the dance studio, and no one else was there. To top it off, after going back to the Jacqueline Kennedy challenge, the estate said that Tim couldn't call her Jackie Kennedy Onassis. It's not on Tim's site, did Tim pull his vlog for fear of repercussions or did Lifetime or the producers ask him to pull? I'm not sure if all that drama excuses the fug that walked down the runway but between that and the added twist of outerwear at the last moment it certainly didn't help matters!

If you can check it out while it's still posted, please see it here:

How feisty was Tim??? Super fab, love him even more.

The "Safe ones"

Michael C.
Another thing Tim complained about, was that he told the designers to do a 2 piece look and then they would add the outerwear. The 2 piece explanation didn't make it into the episode. I don't see how this is American sportswear or Jackie Kennedy. It's a simple dress with an ugly jacket on top. I think the judges should have called Michael out on this one, but apparently they think he's thrown under the bus too much and is fragile. Lucky once again.
Gretchen has been safe these last couple of weeks. I don't know if the judges don't want to talk to her since the team challenge, or if the producers want her and Michael awkwardly in the waiting room together. Anyhoo, same color palette she's been using. It's not bad, I would call it safe too.

April wasn't going to win with this, and she called it too: "Jackie wouldn't go goth". I like April's work and yes I love wearing black more than the next gal, but she needs to pull out of it a little bit. True, it did work well for Christian and Irina, but they also had amazing showmanship. I do like this, just not sure it fits the challenge well enough.
The Bottoms:

I had a problem with the judges hating this so much. True, it's drab and un-sexy. It does show Valerie, and yeah, it was a "jacket over a jacket" but she had already made a jacket before she found out they had to an outerwear look and when she asked Tim if she could make something else for under since she had made a jacket, he told her no. So, they were more tough on her than they had to be, in my opinion. However, I've been a Valerie fan this season, and I wish she would have some more confidence in her work, because the challenges seem to be overpowering her. Snap out of it girlfriend!
The judges were super cruel to Andy! It was pretty uncomfortable to watch. Yes, it didn't feel like it went with the rest of the challenge. Yes, those pants fit very strange and the top is weak, and omg what are those boots from? Really Piperlime??
Besides all that, this look is Andy, it's sportswear and it has something about it that makes you notice. I know there's a lot wrong with it, but I'm glad they didn't give him the auf (and I wonder who Tim ultimately saved with his "butting in") because there's something I can't put my finger on, but I don't hate this look as much as the judges did. Yes, he did need to get called out, because he was doing more his thing than a Jackie thing, but that was also miscommunicated all around!

Michael D.
This week Michael gets the AUF. Oh Michael, he was one I enjoyed watching, and I still think about that fab look he did for team Military and Lace. sigh.
This, as Tim mentioned, was unfortunate. The skirt trick, he's pulled something similar, but this one came out weird. Why did it hit her hips in the low spot? That's NOT where a woman wants a skirt to hit, and a loose one at that. The jacket is ok, but then the top was two layers and they didn't fit very well either. Oh Michael, I can see why the judges chose you. Sorry you had to go out like that, but Tim did warn you that skirt was bad.

The Tops

This is the second time Christopher has been in the "top", meaning he's in the top 3 with a "but....". So they loved this dress, but.....
I thought it was Desperate Housewives look. That shrug was strange and kind of gross. I think this made the "top" because so many designers made looks that were not fitted, sophisticated, expensive looks. So, this was closest to that. Even if you're designing "your point of view" for Jackie, what comes to mind is fitted and chic, and many designers missed the mark on that.

Which brings us to Ivy's look. Overall this was fitted and chic. No, not my favorite, but out of what we had to choose from I would give this the second place. It's not a "who's the nicest designer" competition remember. So as much as I hate Ivy, I love that she did pants, and they look great. It was a risk to do a sheer coat and the judges went for it. Kudos Ivy.

Of course, this was clearly the win. I saw a lot of haters on the blogosphere world on this look. As Tim said, his textiles for this challenge were on point. I also think Mondo reigned himself in here. He could have gone way Mondo-crazy and instead he channeled that cray cray into his own runway outfit. I think the houndstooth was a smart idea, and the purple made it fun and modern. The stripes with the print could have gone too much, but everything is fitted and expensive looking, so it works. Love that he made the smart jacket and tied it together with the purple lining. J'adore!! Still love Mondo, and this makes up for last week's scary design.

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