Saturday, September 18, 2010

What's Mine is Yours

This episode was pretty yawn-tastic, so I have put it off for too long. This became a team challenge which can bring the claws out, but it was pretty tame in the end.

Call the wah-mbulance because Michael C. still isn't getting respect from the others. April gets an over-enthusiastic reception to her new home.

This week they go on a little field trip and we get to see Tim look super uncomfortable on a boat.

The designers are given their challenge by Michael Kors who tells them they need to make a resort wear look. Some of the designers cry because their idea of resort wear is wearing their chonies in their apartment.

30 minutes and $150 at Mood for their designs, they start their looks until Tim comes in and tells them that they are to be partnered up and will execute their partner's design. Interesting side note: originally the producers wanted them to work on their looks for 2 hours, then switch, repeat. Thankfully Tim told them that was preposterous and would be super confusing to judge. Our Tim, the voice of reason.

The pairings are supposed to produce ultimate drama, but they don't for the most part. I mean, anyone paired with Ivy is going to have a hard time, she thinks she's on "The Ivy Show" (her words). Michael C. is supposed to be the Boy Who Can't Sew so of course there's going to be drama, even from my Mondo with the cute hair. However, even they kiss and make up so the show goes on. Listen, I'm not into super awkward drama just for the sake of drama, but also team challenges are uncomfortable in general. I did like this challenge because it is true to life, the designers will eventually have someone else execute their work if they make it into the "real world" of fashion.

Michael Kors accompanies Tim Gunn to the workroom to critique the looks. That's going to be interesting for the runway, since he'll still be judging.

Other side note: Was Tim's chastising to Gretchen the kick in the pants she needed? She is definitely less bitchy lately.

On to the runway....

Gretchen designed a high waisted jumpsuit in browns. It's a Gretchen look. She really is into browns and grays. Casanova executed it, and it turned out fine. I'm not so into the look, but it's safe.

Michael C designed a disco resort look. Another jumpsuit which is a big snooze, even with that loud fabric. I think the legs are too long and wide to look very good, but it's another safe look.

Valerie designed a short with this long top that opened at the belly, just where you want to expose yourself...not. I don't get the color of the top nor the pattern on the shorts that seem to be pointing to the "good china" to quote our dear Peach. Not sure what she was thinking on this one. The back wasn't executed to her liking, but the fact is, the designers got their own fabrics before they knew someone else was executing.
Christopher designs another safe look that anyone could buy at the store for their vacation. It's put together well, but for a design challenge, it doesn't turn any heads. Christopher needs to step it up if he's going to impress the judges.

The bottoms:

Ivy designed another full, muted color look. She dumbed it down, because she didn't trust her partner Michael D. to execute the look she originally designed. Michael and Tim also warned her not to use the original print she had for the top, which was "careerist". Ivy blamed her dull look on Michael D., which could be partially true, but based on her previous designs, her original look couldn't have been that much better.
p.s. if you want a good drinking game, do a shot every time a judge says "throw him/her under the bus" in any variation.

Mondo's look is way scary. The challenge was vague, it was just to design "resort wear" but they didn't specify what age group.... This is resort wear, but maybe not the idea of resort that the judges had in mind. Mondo comes very close to getting the auf, but they keep him around for another week.

Casanova is still desinging for old ladies. I am wondering why the designers chose mostly muted colors for their looks. Alas, this off the shoulder top with detail around the waist did not make the cut. The top was even randomly knotted in the back. I'm very shocked Casanova designed this look for this challenge, he could have made a sexy look inspired by his Puerto Rican heritage. This look was called "unfortunate" and "mumsy". Ay dios mio, Casanova gets the auf. He was so fabulously entertaining it will be sad with him not around.

Nooooooooooooo they took away Casanova!!! Well the producers were probably crying a damn river after he was aufed. In fact they put together a cute little montage in his honor.

I thought this design by Michael D. looked kind of sloppy. I also don't find it flattering. Perhaps if it was a vibrant color in jersey fabric it would look more youthful and fun. This looks kind of drab. However, the judges liked it.

Andy's design really wowed the judges. The top easily untied to reveal a sexy swimsuit. Very dramatic and sexy on the runway. Perhaps it was too literal for the judges, as they didn't give this fun design the win.

April got a win! She desined what she called a black risque look of someone on a vacation to an asylum. How creepy! There wasn't many good looks this week, so this was the most unique design for a resort wear challenge. The top part in intriguing, but as we go lower it gets more strange. The boy shorts seem quite large on the model and the sheer black looks like straight up lingerie. I think this would be a good look to wear to an evening event at the resort for cocktails by the pool. However, Michael Kors told her to go that route, so she was very smart to listen and she ended up with her first win. Congrats April!

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