Friday, September 24, 2010

Race to the Finish

The designers are up for a huge challenge this week as they are designing an avant garde look based(?), inspired by(?) a L’Oreal Paris eye shadow style to be in an ad campaign. The stakes are high, with the $20,000 pay off to the winner!! The designers drool over this challenge, as they also get $300 to spend at Mood and “two days” to work on their look. The designers must have been blinded by $$$ because only April seems to know that this is way too good to be true and there is going to be some tomfoolery up ahead involving the velvet bag of doom or another look.

We’ve officially started the downward spiral of the designers. It’s getting close to the end, they’re running on no sleep and the judges have called all of them out at least once, and sometimes beratingly so.

Indeed, Tim does come into the workroom on the second day to seriously harsh their mellow. The designers stand with their mouths agape as Tim (almost tearfully) tells them that they must design a second look as a Ready To Wear version of their avant garde look. Now, this is not a new challenge. They did this in Season 4 with amazing results. However, that challenge was teams of 2 people to do the 2 looks. This kind of fuckery is pretty normal in the PR world, but it just seemed mean this time around. Let’s tease you with this money and more than normal amount of time, and now take it away from you!

Also, Valerie has a meltdown, Gretchen bitches for an hour that Michael C. "stole" her fabric color and Ivy makes Tim's face cringe in horror.

The Safe Ones

April is one smart cookie. She stuck to what she knew. I just worry about her always doing a black version of the same black dress every week. The avant garde look screams En Vogue from the Free Your Mind video. It's hard with black to see all the details, but she did some fun feathering on the jacket there. I think if this were something new for her or if she was truly pushing herself (or if a hippie look wasn't in the top 3), this would have been top.

Her Ready To Wear look was a little odd. I'm not sure what the gold braid is doing around her neck? Perhaps the RTW look was not great enough for the judges.

So apparently avant garde means slutty wedding dress to Christopher. When he was making the look, I thought it was going to be amazing, but when it came down the runway I was confused. It's not the worst and it's certainly not the best. Is he going to make it to the top like this, riding on the tails of people doing worse looks than him? We shall see.
Christopher's RTW look was so boring. Although I know there was not much time to work on his second look, did he mean for the neckline to be crooked?


Ok, so Gretchen is (an annoying bitch) not my favorite person, but I’ve given her credit where credit is due. As soon as Gretchen's look came out I squealed with delight. Wait for it! I was squealing in excitement for her to be on the chopping block or at least in bottom 3. Was I surprised when the judges put this in the Top 3. Tim was right, these judges are smoking some crackity crack. So what if she hand sewed those feathers on this! Do they not see the hideous modesty panel in the front, or how wide this makes her model look? Not to mention the back was some slutty wizards costume. Wow, at least she didnt' win.
The judges did not call this dowdy, matronly or anything mean. C'mon judges! Snap out of it!

Just so you know, Andy is Asian, so he can make Asian inspired garments, and don't give him a hard time about it, OK?
At first glance this is very intense, a little scary even. Reeses peanut butter cups on the sleeves perhaps? However, loved the red fabric he had in there, you can tell it’s well-made and it’s something different. I really thought this one was going to win, but I’m thinking he didn’t because of the photo spread, it wouldn’t have been the best look to be standing stagnant. Mondo’s was better in that aspect.

I thought his ready to wear look was the best of the bunch. Very smartly incorporated from the original, love how the shoulders look and the hint of metallic, very chic.
Awww my little Mondo won again!!! Squeeeeeeeee!!!! I was so happy when he won the $20k, I really think he deserves it the most. I agree with Michael that the front black satin is too cheap looking, and he must not have bought enough, because it doesn't hit low enough at the hem. The judges fawned over his little hat. Love all the colors with the black.
Ready to wear look is flawless and I feel he knows how to dress a woman's body. He made this so simple and classy, it was a great compliment to his main garment.


Michael C. gets called out to the bottom this week. Seems he gets overlooked when he goes fug, and now I thought this one was boring but safe. I thought it was interesting enough, without going to cray cray (can't get that out of my head since Valerie said it). The judges hated how long the train was (it was super long), hated the color but complimented his construction. A little stab for Ivy, perhaps?
His RTW look was pretty lame and too literal and yeah, a lot '90's. The ironic thing was Heidi was explaining to Michael that you can go short up top OR short on the bottom, but not both. HAHA Heidi, because you would never wear something like this would you? ;)

Oh girl. Oh my goodness. This girl started off so amazing, was doing so well and I don’t know what happened to her. She is so lucky she didn’t get the Auf, and she knew it. She had high ambitions this episode and lost her mind when they got the news of the second outfit. I'm not sure how this came out of it, but Tim made her send something down, and this hideous snow queen look is the end result.
I don't even know what to say about this. It's not blue?

Well you know I haven’t liked Ivy’s stuff since Day 1 when she should have been kicked off. She finally used color and now I know why she doesn’t. When this came down the runway I was so horrified. And what’s with blaming the model for fudging her measurements? Don’t they all?
This looks like she hot glued wet paper streamers to a bridemaid dress and couldn't quite get it all done. Valerie is thanking her lucky stars that Ivy decided to make this POS look.
And the RTW look was just super yawn. I don't know if it was worse than Valerie's RTW look, but at least Valerie could admit that she failed this week. It also didn't help how bitchy Ivy was with the judges each week. Don't think that they don't notice that! Especially this season with Crankypants Michael Kors.
Auf Wiedersehen Ivy! I won't miss you!!!

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