Thursday, September 2, 2010

You Can Totally Wear That Again

This week on the drama of sewing clothes for 3 crazy judges and 1 random guest judge in one day and some sort of twist.....

The judges still love Michael C. but the other designers hate him. Gretchen calls her mom. Tim and Gretchen had a bit of a spat at Red Lobster, but they made up and are carrying on.

This week the challenge is to take a Bridesmaid dress and create a fashionable look. Yeah. This would be harder than making a bridesmaid dress.

At Mood, they have $50 to spend on supplemental fabric.

This week's twist is they will show at a designer showcase with the guests voting for their favorite look. This will be "taken into consideration" at judging, but not give them the automatic win. A rumor starts that Michael C. has been sabotaging the other designers aka Ivy and Valerie, who are friends. Hmmmm I would hope the camera peeps would get a shot of that if it were true.

I want to call this episode bandana episode....Andy, Valerie and Michael D are all rocking one this episode. Plus, how cute was Mondo's hair this week???

Just in general, it's been great to see more of Tim in the workroom. He's not only a mentor, but a girlfriend to the designers. We used to get just little snippets from him, but he's definitely been more prominent on the show since we've had the added time. I really like that about the extended format.

Onto the Runway!

Safety Net:

Gretchen needs to learn a new trick. Loose top, tight leggings or skirt and large boots are so last 4 weeks for her. I don't find this flattering. She had a really hideous dress so she had a big challenge this week, but I just don't find this look all together flattering. All I see are the boots, way too distracting.
p.s. Glad she fixed the side boob action for the runway.

Cute look. She had one of the least worst looks to begin with. April smartly made what she wanted to make instead of trying to please all of her client's crazy demands. It's maybe a little secretary-ish, but still youthful.

Hmmm did Ivy listen to me and use color this week? Gasp! She had an ivory dress which she made into pants. I think the pants were not made perfectly....pretty darn tight all over. However, this is the first look she's made that I actually liked!

Casanova had immunity this week. I like the top, but the pants are way too Heidi-esque for me. (Short tight and shiny). You made it to another round Casanova!

I liked this one. The top fits her like a dream. I'm not so crazy about the shorts, but I do like how it all came together. (Until she turned around and there were zippers from top to bottom UGH)

The Tops

I'm confused....did they like this look or not? It seemed like he was top 3, but then they were criticizing it. I really like it. It helped that his model is gorgeous! He originally had a shiny blue number on a bigger model, but she got scared and dropped out. I'm not crazy about the peek-a-boob, but it does add something to what could have been a boring dress.

Mondo won the most votes at the showcase, but alas, was a bridesmaid himself this round. Poor guy. I think the judges refused to give Mondo a win with the "Jersey hair" and hoop earrings. So close Mondo! It's a very ey-catching well made dress. He actually turned the dress inside out, so that it wasn't so freakin' shiny gross bridesmaid satin polyester. Next time buddy!

Michael C.
Here's my observations on my notecard when this walked out:
"Debutante slut and why the obvious zippers?"
Sadly, Gretchen had the best reasoning on this one in the waiting room when she called out that it was short, had lace, shiny and zippers all at once. I felt there was way too much going on with this dress. I understand why the judges liked it (there wasn't much else to pick from), it has a very interesting shape to it. It's something pretty different. It wasn't made well though, and eek just the lace with the satin material together with the shortness is just too freakin' much normally!
Were the judges giving him a sympathy win after last week's slaying on the runway by his team? Well they say they don't put past work into consideration.
Still, congrats to Michael C.! As Casanova reminded Gretchen, the both of you have 2 wins.

The Bottoms

I actually thought this was a fun look when it came down the runway. The model looked genuinely happy when she walked it, and it was bright. However, when you look closer it is pretty odd. Why do the black pieces not go all the way up? Did she run out of black fabric? Why in the hell did she decide to use strings like that to tie it all slutty in the back?
Oh dear and yeah it's just not flattering from all angles. It was styled well overall and I think the judges really want to see more from her. I know I do!! Kill 'em in the next round bebe!!

Michael D.
Michael had a hard time with this challenge. You know, the designers were overall very lucky this week. Although they had to design for "real people" their models were all pretty darn skinny. Valerie and Michael had the bigger gals, and they ended up in the bottom. It could be that any of the other designers would have quite possibly been in the same situation had they had different models.
Michael was smart to make a little jacket for his model. However, why he went with this ugly black netting to go on top of the dress is beyond anyone. He really should have done a fitted skirt for her. The judges were right, she looked better in her original bridesmaid dress. It's a very simple rule here, you want fitted here and she will actually look skinnier than putting her in a flowy dress. I wondered if the judges cut him a little slack because he had to design for a bigger gal than the others?

Peach went into a "Peach Panic" this episode and was afraid her model was going to show the "good china". Oh Peach..what happened here? I don't know what's sadder, the fact that this look was so hideous or the fact that her model looked genuinely happy with her garment. It really is ugly and I'm not surprised she was given the AUF this week. She makes a very similar look each week. She's been so much fun on the show, she looked like she had a blast and she's very talented at sewing and tailoring, it's just too bad that she just didn't have much of a range. Tim warned her about adding the bed skirt around the waist and she didn't listen!!
Auf Weidersehen Peach, we will miss you all the same!

Peach reads the same blog I do, and just as religiously. They are so hilarious! Check them out! They even interviewed Peach after her auf and she's such a sweetie! She even used their saying on the show which I also steal for my blog "short tight and shiny"

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