Wednesday, September 1, 2010

There Is an "I" in Team

This episode goes down in Project Runway history!

Included this week:
A Villain
A Victim
Underdog team win
Fashion Guru going off on the minions

Friends, I have watched and re-watched this episode and it just gets better and better. Where could I even begin on this one?

First of all, the designers are all seeing green at Michael Costello winning last week's challenge. I hope they don't take it out on him later....

This week, the challenge is two teams of six designers, with no appointed team leader. Michael C. gets to choose first and chooses Queen Bitch Gretchen. April explains it best: "Michael is such a dumbass. Do you want Hitler on your team?"

Team Gretchen is turning out to be the "so-called" winners of the season and the other side is the misfit team with no one having a win. Both teams have designers I like. However my two favorites, Mondo and Valerie are on the "underdog" team.
Mr. Gunn explains to the designers that they will have to choose a concept from a list with a textile/color choice on the second list. Team Luxe, as they name themselves, choose "Menswear for Women" and "Camel". While Team Military and Lace choose, ummmm, "Military" and "Lace".

What a difference in the teams as they caucus (with their HP tablets, natch). Team Luxe is already getting mind controlled by Gretchen while Team Military is working together very democratically and kind to one another. Team Luxe wants to design to their strengths by making assigned pieces, while Team Military is each making their own look. Team Luxe think they can design this collection in their sleep and are creaming their camel pants over it, while Team Military and Lace look nervous as they go into battle.
$1,000 to spend at Mood and Gretchen is already cracking her whip and no one on Team Luxe manages to find a scrap of luxurious fabric.

In the workroom, Team Luxe has to teach Michael C. "how to sew" while Team Military's Casanova has the best diva breakdown in possibly PR history!!!

It all started when Tim tells Casanova that his garment is "the mother of the other looks". This puts him over the edge.
Casanova reclines on the fainting sofa and laments his PR woes, he makes "fuckin clothes for old ladies, sluts and flamenco dancers" and he's "tired, the verge to lose his mind" and....wait for it......"getting fat". The other designers and his model kiss his sweet Puerto Rican ass and get him back in the game. He has an epiphany of being too sensitive and realizes he needs to "make it work." Casanova, get it girl!

Put your panties back on and get to work!!!

Then Tim visits Team Luxe and warns them that their collection is looking "ho hum" compared to the other team. This doesn't even register with Team Luxe so they merely brush off this criticism and go back to fanning Gretchen and feeding her peeled grapes.

The next day, Team Military and Lace get 'er done while Team Luxe have Gretchen and her 4:00am list of demands and all 6 models hemming garments!!!

On to the Runway Collections!!
Team Military and Lace aka self-proclaimed "Bad News Bears"
Michael D.

Was it the best collection of all time? No. Did it have some flaws? Yes. Did it blow the other team out of the water in overall styling, cohesion, design and even fabric choices? Hell Yes.

How cute was the group hug when they won?

Very different kind of piece. I find the mustard leggings and ugly shoes to be distracting, but I do love the top and shorts.

The judges really liked this, which was great for Peach. I have to say it wasn't my favorite. I didn't like the red and blue together with the really obvious chains dangling. I would have liked blue or red but not both like primary colors. Good for Peach, but it has to be the best of the rest, not just best for you personally.

This looks like April. The jacket does have a lot going on, but it works with the simplicity of the pant. The shoes are cute with it and it looks like current military as fashion.
This is probably my least favorite look this week. I love the jacket, but I don't love the white with the blue, it's too much, too matchy matchy. I don't see that it's very fashion forward, but it works OK with the collection and does make it so it's not too lacey and dowdy overall.
The winner this week!!!
Wow, he did deserve it this week! He gets the Best Diva Breakdwon award and this look is hot. The top is sexy but not stripper sexy, the pants are well made and I did like the metal detail up the leg. Overall just super chic and deserved the win! Felicidades!

Michael D.
So, I totally understand Casanova for the win, but I drooled over this top. The string detail on the side was hot, the metal detailing around the waist -it works. I can see her nude bra, so it would have been better as a lined top and the lace skirt was not so imaginative, but this one was a really close second for me.
Love Love Love the back!

Team Luxe or self-proclaimed Winning Team. Ha!
Michael C.

"The other team is CRAY CRAY!!"

Ok, so I know Gretchen is a crazy, conniving bitch-but did she seriously pick all these fabrics? Who chose these fabrics? Was there any possible way in hell they could win these '70's cheap looking fabrics? The collection looked old, drab and whatever the opposite of Luxe is. Let's carry on to the runway....

Since Team Luxe had a cluster-fuck of who made what, this is as best as we can do to describe who made what piece:

What the? Flight attendant with creepy skin leggings? The judges were not impressed with this look. Too bad they opened the show with it! Let's begin our journey with an air hostess from the 60's running errands about town.

We're sorry A.J., but you're out. And as Gretchen said, you didn't have to make a bad shirt dress. You were the "sacrificial lamb" according to Tim.

Christopher, those pants. Why did you do that to this girl? The top without the jacket was not bad. All I can see is that huge front panel of a pant with no front closure. It scares me. Perhaps our gal is applying for jobs in the 70's.

Least worst of the looks. Don't know if I see any camel in this look....
The top without the sweater was actually kind of cute, but that's about it. Our gal got a job as an office secretary. Maybe she's living in the 80's now.

Cray-Cray indeed. Would you ever imagine a look like this to appear on Project Runway? This has to go down as one of the worst looks. Maybe if the challenge was, take this Quaker outfit and turn it not even then. How about? No, this is just a WTF look. Ivy has never been my favorite and she really should have been sent home for this injustice. Heidi said it was the worst outfit of the collection. Ivy, you're lucky this week.

Michael C.
Mostly. Christopher made the cigarette pant. If you look at this look, in this collection, you know that he's not going home. Well there's that and the immunity. The judges were fine with his work and kept reminding the other designers that he had immunity and was not going home. The designers on his team just kept insulting him on the runway.

Now our secretary has journeyed into the 90's. How does it feel?

The runway was one of the most awkward yet.

It began back in the waiting room while Team Luxe was in utter shock at being in the bottom. Right then and there Gretchen made the rest of the designers pinky swear that they wouldn't throw anyone under the bus and they would go defending their amazing collection. A.J. had concerns that someone might "flip a switch" on the runway and turn on the others.....Nooo, never......

Then out on the runway the designers cried over their love's labor of a collection. They told the judges it was their baby and they stood behind it's amazing birth. Everyone was vital to the success of the team, no one was weak. Tears were shed. Hearts were worn on the sleeves. Everything was beautiful.

Cry me a river.

Well who knows how many edited hours later the judges were out for blood. They wouldn't take team unity for an answer.

"Grandma arrived"


"Yeah I know our collections sucked"


She had to "style, maybe a crappy collection".

Delicious. One of the most awkward, shameful hot mess of a runway judging.

Poor A.J. was the sacrifice for Team Luxe. Auf Weidersehen A.J. Sorry you had to go down for the team this week.

Then came the most amazing moment yet.

I'll let Tim have his moment here:

It's on now!!!

Designers, Team Luxe was totally brainwashed by Gretchen and you made fools of yourselves, not just with your garments, but with your preposterous behavior on the runway. You belittled the designer that could not go home and did make the worst garment, and you were all mindless robots. You should have grown a pair and and let the judges know how insane and controlling and bitchy Gretchen was to the judges. Team Fail.

(Can't wait for next week)

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