Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Come As You Are

Another season, another group of designers and all their drama!

Seeing the designers meet the judges was very fun and gave us a chance to try and figure out who all the personalities are. I couldn't believe they cut 4 contestants so quickly, but I am glad to trim it down; 16 is still a lot of people to keep track of.

This season, I don't have as much time to devote to the blog as I would like. Instead of my recaps, I'm going to play a weekly game called "The judges are smoking crack because...." It seems like the judges have been doing this show for so many seasons, they are over all the same-ole same-ole that in past seasons they have enjoyed. Also frau Heidi has expressed in interviews that she won't be as Ms. Nice Model-Producer-Judge so the designers should be scared!

Let's start with the winner and loser and see if there is any crack smoking to be had:

Zeee winner Bert produced this with his jammies and a bed sheet:

Nothing wrong with this win! Apart from the scary 80's styling, the dress looks young and fresh and the color mixing is adorable! For some reason so many of the designers did pants or shorts and they really seemed to do terribly. Bert went with what he knew and it worked! There was a little bit of "yuck!" factor with using his boxers as part of the top of the dress, but I just imagined Project Runway interns whisked away the pajama items to be cleaned while they did side interviews or dyed sheets. Yeah, I'm sure they did! Congrats Bert, your story is amazing and you had the coolest look of the week. Take that younguns'!

Let's take a look at the look that was Auf'd, Raphael:

Yikes. Nothing wrong with this decision either! No woman should wear these leggings, let alone wear them with a shirt that doesn't cover her. What's frustrating is Raphael was wearing a gorgeous scarf! Instead of using the best fabric in the room, he was worried about showing his hair! Cut off part of the sheet to cover your hair and use the scarf! Obviously he does not remember Season 2 and that scarf debacle...

So where did the judges lose their mind to the crack pipe?

Anya's look in the Top 3!

"Q!" you say "This look was adorable, she made pants and she has never made pants before! Look at that cute top!".

Darlings, I am not buying this girl's schtick that she barely learned to sew. First of all, why would you go on a show about sewing clothes without knowing much about sewing? Second of all, she was lucky with what she was wearing for her pajamas to have such gorgeous fabric. Think of the poor girl that was wearing kid's style pink jammies! Third, since when was it ok to show your mid-drift? ummm the 90's last time I checked!!
I feel like the judges are already making such a huge deal of the fact that she "barely learned how to sew" and are also impressed by her personal beauty and style. She could be major contender in the competition, but I'm definitely wary of her....

What do you think? Was the Pubic Patch skirt in the Top 3 a bigger crack smoking moment?

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