Sunday, August 14, 2011

Go Big or Go Home

This week's episode had so many "Judges are smoking crack because..." moments I'm not sure where to begin!

I know, I'll start with the guest judge:

Seriously? You can't even close your legs for a show on Lifetime? I mean, I know she's a thing in our culture and she gets to wear more designer fashion than the average gal, but does she know anything about it? *sigh* I may also be crazy, because I do think she's a stunning girl, and it's nice to see curvy gals in the spotlight. That being said, I just hate when they have guest judges like this just to have the name.

I know I said I would only do a mini-blog, but this episode was full of the cray-cray and I just can't ignore it!

I watched the episode a couple of times. Watching the stilt watchers was pretty awkward on
TV and was very distracting to the looks. After seeing the still images, the drama and wow factor is more apparent. Did they use models they trained to use stilts or stilt walkers? Because most of them seemed a little unstable.

Another thought was how hard it must have been to make these looks with all the fabric they had to work with. It may explain why some of the fabrics just looked so cheap. Maybe they had to go cheaper to get the volume they needed.

The winner was Barbie and AnthonyRyan. Many of you called it, this dress has been done many a time and a few people remembered J-Lo's dress at the MET gala
(do you think her petals were glued on? didn't think so)

On to the Amazons....

Sweeties, did you see Miss Thang working this look on the runway? I think that sold the judges for the win. That and all the crack they smoke backstage. I mean yes, the look is lovely but it's obviously not original. I just loved Heidi complimenting the petals and the response was that they "just glued them all on". They must be a little embarrassed now that they see all the comparisons to a few other dresses. Ugh, I don't even care, I just don't want to see Barbie do well.

As for the auf....
Bryce and Fallene. It looked like it could be a good pairing, really I'm just so entranced with the characters on the show (damn you Lifetime) that I am not being so fair with the design of things. Hey, I can admit it--now can the judges?

As soon as I saw this look come out I knew they were doomed. It was just way too simple. I suppose Bryce assumed his partner could handle the vest, and it turned out to hurt both of them.

I felt like Fallene could have gone far. I just didn't realize she was a freakin' CRYBABY! Well, then there's all that stuff about not knowing much about sewing. What an uncomfortable episode all around, but with how many times they showed Fallene cry, I just wanted to give her a hug and tell her she has to go to the workroom to pack her things Right Now.

The second place look should have been the winner! How adorable is this?

Becky and Kimberly were an odd pairing but this is ferosh-if I can borrow a word please-and the fact they incorporated the model's tattoo into the design. <3 Too bad tattoos don't make you walk better because this was one of the more awkwardly sold looks of the day.

Seeing this look in the Top 3 made me proclaim "The judges are smoking illegal substances yet again!" It's so weird, but seeing this in a still I can see how dramatic it looks. Call me crazy but the teams that did pants were my favorites. I feel like the dresses fell short and just didn't have that striking of an appearance.

It still does look matronly however you slice it though. With some different hair and styling it could have been better. And yes, without the stilts I would tear this look apart. Another reason this challenge was just weird all around.

Poor Josh and Julie. They seemed like they would be a strange pair, but they ended up complimenting each other nicely.
Yes, when this look walked out I was horrified. No waist, weirdo jacket/cape and yes the amazingness that is those pants. Seeing the still image I understand why J & J went there. There was not much direction for the designers to go in, you add stilts to the equation and it would be a natural progression to go the circus route.

Now 'fess up Heidi, were you the one that said Beetlejuice 3 times?

Shame on you Bert and Viktor. You both acted like silly queens and why you purchased either of these fabrics is beyond me. You know, if they had worked better together and had picked a better fabric, they would have been a contender.

Another fabric choice that hurts my eyes.
Olivier had immunity and the judges are crushing hard for Anya. 'nuff said.

Side note: I'm listening to Margaret Cho's standup and she is talking about Project Runway, it's precious! Either I'm the white Margaret Cho, or she's the Asian Q.

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