Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Don't. Bore. Nina.

Just to keep the designers quaking in their boots, they had to design for....

Nina Garcia. Who showed up wearing something kind of un-Nina like just to confuse them...

However, I did like how she met with them in the beginning to see their idea and then again in the work room to let them know what she was not liking about the design. As harsh as it is, at least they had some clear criticisms of what they were getting into. That and the fact that, for the most part, Nina has dressed very similarly over the years. She likes black, clean structured lines and she knows how to accessorize; she is a fashion director after all.

Obviously designing for Ms. Nina was intimidating, and it didn't help that Joanna Coles-Editor in Chief of Marie Clare- was there for extra fear.

"All of your designs will make Nina look like she's drunk and crazy"

The judges may have let off the hard stuff a bit this episode, because out of all the boring designs that came down the runway, this was the most polished Nina-like while still being true to the designer, Kimberly. It also looked like a well put together look.

As for the bottom 2 designs, well is one any worse than the other? The difference being they were not impressed with Julie from Day 1 and sending this down the runway was no help to her. Next episode we can discuss how the judges choose: Solely on the challenge or past designs into consideration. I've always felt they did take into account the designer's skill, past work and potential they see. The next episode may have proven some of that, but I digress. Adios Julie, you weren't going to be here much longer anyway.

Can you see Nina wearing this look any more than the Auf'd look? And if she felt so bad about being there, why didn't she say something then? Sigh. We'll get to you next episode Missy!

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