Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My Pet Project

This week on "The judges are smoking crack because..."

Oh, the unconventional materials challenge. It gets designers every season. I sometimes wonder if the contestants on the show have watched the previous seasons?!? You know at some point you are going to need to sew for: body type other than a model be it a larger person, older person, younger person, animal, a man, etc. Learn versatile styles! You are also at some point going to make an outfit out of something other than regular fabric: garbage, plants, car parts, apartment furnishing, food, etc. You need to know how to design with something NOT ordinary look fabric-like.

Plan accordingly!

Darlings, I'm going to start with the winner as I did for last week's challenge. I don't have to go far for the crack smoking to commence because:

This is what they chose as the winner. Olivier (pronounced Oliver not Oh-liv-ee-yay) made this garment and glued(!) hamster bedding to the model's eyebrows! Neeena Garrrcia argued with Heidi for this to be the winner and she obviously won the battle. I was shocked that they did not make comments that this outfit made the "poor model" look chunky. (They have used this criticism in the past on a very similar outfit. Yes the top looked tailored, but it was made from a fabric material! So they will criticize one designer for using conventional materials but not another for some reason. So, Olivier is a crack smoker and so are the judges that disagreed with Heidi.

Here is the design Heidi wanted to win, and compared to the pee pads that walked down the runway, I felt was the winner:

That is all birdseed! Made by Anthony Ryan this looks very chic. I adore the collar!

Just to keep with last week's post. Here is the losing auf'd look by Joshua
Normally I think this boring look would have been safe. Unfortunately, Joshua has been on the judge's radar from Day 1, so he needed something better than "Safe". He probably could have glued some random item on the top or bottom, such as dog food, aquarium sand or whatever and the judges would have been distracted enough to not notice it was on the boring side.

Presented without comment is Pocahontas:


  1. Love your blog sis! You are so funny and smart! :) I totally agree with everything--wtf on the winner?! Oh and sweet that I can see yourblog on mobile format now :)